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Seed cum Fertilizer Drill machine on 50 percent subsidy

Who does not want to save his time and money to survive in this era? Even our farmer is becoming modern at that pace. All equipment of such a grower has one seeded small fertilizer drill machine. This is a sowing machine that sows the seeds in proper depth and at appropriate distance. It also saves seeds from birds in the field.

Dr. Sangeeta Soi

Who does not want to save his time and money to survive in this era? Even our farmer is becoming modern at that pace. All equipment of such a grower has one seeded small fertilizer drill machine. This is a sewing machine that sows the seeds in proper depth and at an appropriate distance. It also saves seeds from birds in the field. The best thing about the machine is that it binds time together with labor. 


In today's modern era, more than one device is available for cultivation in the market. Seed cum fertilizer drill machine has a different utility in all such machines, due to which the farmers started to work very easily. 

Earlier, the farmers had to spend lots of time in sowing seeds but nowadays their work is done easily due to the introduction of seed cum fertilizer drill machines. 

1. With the help of seed cum fertilizer drill machine, the seeds can be sown in many queues together. 

2. This machine can sow seed deep inside the soil. 

3. With its help, farmers can sow seeds at a reasonable distance. 

4. It can sow the seeds and fertilizers simultaneously in a ratio. 

5. It also saves labour cost. 

6. With the help of seed cum fertilizer drill machine, the labor of the farmers also survives. 

7. When the seeds are sown in a depth in a soil then the seed is not defective and it is also good for its gathering. 

8. With proper fertilizer and seed in the same proportion, the right nutrient through the roots of the plants reaches right amount of plants. 

9. It can also be used everywhere. 

10. The biggest advantage of this machine is that, seeds can be sown directly after harvesting. For example, paddy has been harvested. With the help of this machine, you have planted the field, can be sown by which you save time, cost and labor only. 

Its uses:

In the present time, the machine plays its own role in working on timely farming. Hand-mounted equipment or animal-run equipment used in conventional agriculture had come to the concentration in the development of agriculture, but ever since the use of machines in agriculture, there has been a rise in the development of agriculture. The same utility is also made by machine-making companies that the farmers are given suitable agricultural machinery to work on time, which will work in the development of agriculture. 

If we are talking about farming machines then it cannot happen that we do not talk about seed cum fertilizer drill machine. This is a tactic running machine. With the help of which we sow seeds in the field. With the help of this machine, increase in crop concentration, sowing more area in less time, increase in field labor productivity, increase in crop productivity and profit, have the fair use of available workers, thus saving the cost of the farmer, labor and time all three.  

15 to 20% seed savings, 15 to 20% increase in fertilizers, less use of fertilizers, saving time of 20 to 30% and use of workers 15 to 20% for sowing from fertile-cum-seed drill. With its help, sowing of groundnut, garlic, wheat, cumin, sesame, mustard, chana, millet, rajma, faciolis mungo, Niger corn, soybean, castor, seedola, tur etc. can be sown. 

Price of Seed Low Fertilizer Drill 

The cost of an instrument of agriculture determines its modernity and its techniques accordingly. By the way, the starting price of Seed Low Fertilizer Drill in Indian markets is 15,000. 

Seed low fertilizer drill is easily available in the Indian market. Some of companies offering this machine are Shaktiman, Sonalika, Mahindra, Swan, Jaggi, John Der, Ox, Maskie, Osmesh etc. 


If a farmer wants to buy new agricultural machinery, first of all, make sure to buy good company machinery. After that, the farmer should contact the district office of his area or block master for information on grants related to the agricultural machinery. Understand the whole process of grant from there. Apart from this, if a farmer wants to buy a company's instrument then he can contact the contractor's dealer and get information about it. 

If we talk about Madhya Pradesh, there is a subsidy available on the Seed Low Fertilizer Drill as follows: 

If the farmer is a woman of the general category then she gets a subsidy of 50 percent and if she is from the general category, then 40 percent subsidy is given. In addition, a subsidy of 50 percent is available for SC / ST category women / men. 

Whom to contact 

If the farmer wants to buy the equipment and wants to know about that device then he can contact the dealer directly or buy online by visiting the company's site and taking information about the product. If the farmer is not satisfied with the information given on the site, then he can call at the phone number given on the site and get information. 

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