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Software to Monitor Food Waste via Tablet

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
UK's Go Green Tomato has launched a tablet-based solution that will use smart technology and cloud-based reporting services to monitor and prevent food-waste.

The operating system this tablet is very simple and can be operated on standard Android tablets, provides real-time insight into the foods that are being disposed of. This can help in implementing changes to patterns of purchasing and production to prevent the future waste of food. 

This affordable, flexible, and powerful solution is designed for restaurant and catering operations that haven't been able to invest in hardware-intensive systems, or that need more reach than one central meter can provide. It also perfect for contract caterers with multiple geographic locations, because they can pair Lean Path Zap at their smaller and medium sites while still getting the value of Lean Path 360 equipment at larger facilities. 

They match the right level of metering for each operation, and all data from every source rolls-up into one unified dashboard. Go Green Tomato to help reduce the estimated 15 million tons of food that is thrown away every year in the UK 

All food going to be discarded is recorded by staff members, answering a short set of questions such as what the food is and why it is going in the waste bin. This data is then sent wirelessly to the Lean Path Online analytics dashboard, where chefs and managers view the real-time reports that emphasize on the economic value of food-waste and use algorithms to spotlight key wasted foods and loss scenarios.

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