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STIHL Equipment for Women in Farming!

Did you know that women make up 75% of the full-time workers in agriculture? Just like agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy, women are the backbone of the agriculture sector. Yet the working hours, equipment, and policies hardly cater to women.

Binita Kumari
STIHL Equipment for Women in Farming!
STIHL Equipment for Women in Farming!

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year to celebrate women and their contribution to the world when it comes to the agriculture sector, from sowing to planting, drainage, irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, harvesting, weeding, and storage, women are involved in every step of the farming process. 

However, due to the heavy nature of agricultural equipment and farm machinery, women face the challenge of working with this equipment. To be concise, to strengthen the agriculture sector, women in farming need to be empowered, with equipment, policies, and spaces created for their ease of work. The solution lies in the innovation of improved agriculture machinery that makes farming convenient for women farmers.

So, let’s celebrate this International Women’s Day with the single most focus on empowering women in farming.

STIHL Equipment for Women in Farming

One of the companies working for women in farming is STIHL. With its lightweight, easy-to-use, and compact farm equipment, STIHL is making some of the best equipment available in the market for the convenience of women farmers.

STIHL ensures ultimate comfort to its users; this agenda helps them create innovative tools that reduce the constraint faced during sowing, harvesting and managing crops. They are simple to use and handle, allowing the user to be self-sufficient. Despite their little weight, these pieces of equipment are sturdy and secure.

The usage of STIHL equipment is beneficial to its users in Farming (Crops, Fruits, Flowers), Gardening, and Landscaping. STIHL prioritizes convenience and dependability. Each product has materials and features that make it easy to use. For example, the small cordless power feature on the majority of equipment increases the equipment's mobility.

The times are changing and women are increasingly participating in the agriculture sector. Thus, there is a need for farm equipment that lessens their workload so as to not cause any harm to their bodies and get the work done efficiently.

STIHL, a leading farm equipment producer, uses German cutting-edge technology to create its products which are specifically made to make farm work easier and more efficient, especially for women in farming. Visit STIHL’s official website to learn more.

Log on to: www.stihl.in 

Email: info@stihl.in 

Phone number: 9028411222 

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