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This college gives excellent future leaders in the Engineering profession…

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

A great achievement by the students of St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology, which aims to be a leading institution with infrastructure and human resources comparable with the best of its genre in the country. The multipurpose agriculture Machine built by four students of the final semester can replace the use of single task gears being used for doing the separate tasks in the agriculture field.

All-in-one machine, built as part of a start-up project by four students, is being projected as a solution to the problems of lack of farmer in Kerala and rising costs.

This machine can be used for multiple works such as ploughing, transplanting, irrigation, harvesting, grain separation, winnowing, and milling. The purpose of this inventory project is hoped to reduce cost and raise profits as it is an answer to the depleting agriculture workforce. The team leader Abishai P.S. said that "We hope that this machine can bring a revolution in the agriculture sector in our part of the country as it is expected to be a solution to a lack of labor and of capital".

The team's cost analysis estimates that the total cost for cultivating an acre land for five years using the separate machine for task ranging from ploughing to milling is Rs 27, 8,5. The team member also said that there team already applied for the patent for the product they had developed at a cost of Rs 2 lakhs.

This machine gives relief to our agriculture labor. The tremendous work, done by students of St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology is appreciable and could be a milestone as a start-up project accomplished by them for the agriculture industry.



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