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Weed Management in Turmeric During Monsoon

One of the best power weeders in the market is the VST RT 70 power weeder which works the best on turmeric & ginger fields.

Binita Kumari
Turmeric Field
Turmeric Field

All cultivated crops, including turmeric, are now constantly threatened by weeds. India is a tropical country, so its high temperatures and humidity encourage weeds to thrive. Crop plants and weeds compete for soil moisture, nutrients, light, and space. Early weed competition during crop growth essentially affects rhizome yield.

Crop losses from weeds are more than from insect pests or plant diseases combined. Rhizome yield is reduced by 10 to 15% as a result of them. They often encourage the spread of numerous diseases and pests while suppressing the growth of turmeric plants.

VST RT 70 power weeder
VST RT 70 power weeder

Thus, the removal of weeds is necessary for turmeric crops, especially in the monsoon season when the weeds are thriving from all the nitrogen in the soil. There are several methods to achieve this goal. Here are the 3 methods of weed management in turmeric:

Cultural methods of weed management in turmeric:

  • While preparing the land, remove weed roots and stubble.

  • To prevent weed growth, use manure that has been properly decomposed.

  • The tools should be cleaned before use.

  • Keep weeds out of the channels.

  • To prevent weed growth and accelerate the sprouting of turmeric, use a mulch made of leaves and straw right after planting.

Mechanical method of weed management in turmeric:

Farmers are advised to remove the weeds by using hand hoes, cultivators, harrows, or hand weeders. One of the best power weeders in the market is the VST RT 70 power weeder which works the best on turmeric & ginger fields. Its unique features such as 296 CC powerful diesel engine, PDC gearbox, 360 degrees rotating handle, front and rear rotary attachments, and earthing up rotary, make the machine perfect for turmeric and ginger fields.

RT70 Ginger
RT70 Ginger

Chemical method of weed management in turmeric:

The chemical method of removing weeds is either applying pesticides to stop weed growth or destroying weeds that have already sprouted.

Herbicides are primarily divided into two forms, pre-emergence (soil treatment), and post-emergence, depending on the mode of treatment (stem and leaf treatment).

However, herbicides are not permitted in the cultivation of turmeric. This is because herbicides can contaminate water, air, soil, and food, as well as pose a risk to human health. Different agronomic practices have been evaluated for non-chemical weed control in turmeric given the medicinal value of turmeric and the environmental issues posed by herbicides.

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