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Wheat Harvesting: Why Farmers Must Harvest Wheat with Reaper Binder Machine? Know its Benefits

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Advanced equipment and machines have made the life and work of farmers easier. Earlier, the work which used to take days or weeks is now easily done in few hours with these modern machines. One of the machines about which we will talk in this article is ‘reaper binder’. Reaper binder machine is mainly used to harvest & bind low stem crops like wheat, rice, oats, barley, and straw, etc. The machine has different structure & working rows to meet different needs of farmer.

Features of Reaper Binder Machine

Reaper-Binder is a unique harvesting machine that reaps the crop and at the same time binds it with a string. This Innovative Mechanical machine guarantees 100 percent recovery of straw with least grain losses at an amazingly low cost of operation. With the help of a reaper binder machine, a farmer can very easily cut the standing crops (5 cm above the ground).


The cutter bar of a reaper binder has a width of 1.2 m. It has a working capacity of 0. 4 ha / hr and its 5. 6 kW engine consumes around 1.2 liters of diesel in an hour. There is a seat above the reaper binder machine and a pneumatic wheel is placed under the seat with the help of which the machine gets folded.

Benefits of Harvesting of wheat through reaper binder machine

It takes very less time to harvest the crop with the reaper binder machine. Due to shortage of laborers at the time of harvesting, it costs Rs 3000 per acre. Therefore, with the use of this machine a farmer can save at least Rs 1750 per acre and the harvesting work is also done quickly.

Companies that provide reaper binder machine

  • Greenland Reaper Binder

  • BCS India Pvt. Limited

  • Vasundhara Reaper Binder

  • ABS Reaper Binder

 *Note - Before you buy a reaper binder machine, just do some market research like price, features etc. 

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