BRICS to Myanmar and international scenario by B C Biswas

B C Biswas
B C Biswas

Before PM departed for Xiamen, China he inducted a few new persons (3/9/2017) in his Cabinet of Ministers. They are expected to perform in more efficient manner. For the first time a women has been given the responsibility of ministry of defense. This is normal for the country where women is worshiped as the Goddess. Durga puja is the testimony of this statement.

After the Doklam problem was resolved he planned his visit to China to attend BRICS conference. BRICS constitutes about 42 percent of the world population. It can therefore play key role in the improvement of world dynamics. The issues figured in the conference were climate change and terrorisms. PM calls for more cooperation among BRICS nations to spur economic growth" While Power project, line of credit top Modi's 'to do ' list in Myanmar. PM's visit to Nay Pyi Taw began already. He may announce fresh development projects, an electricity deal and line of credit to Myanmar during his 3 days visit to the south -East Asian Country.

The road connectivity improvement to Myanmar, Thailand etc would improve the business based on agriculture Commodities with these countries with India. Sea route will still remains very important area because India has helped Myanmar in port development in the country.

India will make a pitch to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the introduction of spirituality leadership as a competency in maritime education and training, positioning it as a Made in India programmer to tackle issues facing the global shipping industry and help to create new managers.

When BRICS conference was on, the UN Security Council had emergency meeting to tackle the problem arising due testing of hydrogen bomb by North Korea. It is thus observed that the ugly face of war is still alive in the world. To create a peaceful world, we have to have spirituality as the powerful and effective tool to improve the situation.


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