Celebrating Foundation Day, KJ

B C Biswas
B C Biswas

5 September, has much significance for the Krishi Jagran,for it being the foundation day of Krishi Jagran which was started on this very day in 1996. The day adds more weight to us all, since today is also the birthday of Dr S Radhakrishanan, the second President of India who has bestowed upon the population by  taking agriculture to a notch up. The day is observed as the teachers’ day to pay respect to great educationists and teachers.

It is imperative to make a mention that the modern technical education system like establishment of Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), land Grant Agriculture university etc were established on the basis of the recommendations of Radhakrishan committee. IIT at Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Bombay, Madras(Chennai) etc and land Agriculture University at Pantnagar, UP, and there after in other states were established in 1960.

The 1960 ushered a new era of agriculture education with the establishment of land Grant Agriculture University where research, teaching and extension education were three very important components. India at present has 102 Agriculture Research Institutes, and about 80 Agric Universities under Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR).

A lot of agricultural technologies have been generated but few have been transferred to the farmers. To bridge the gap, the Krishi-Jagran and Agriculture World have played a key role. This is the largest circulated agri-rural magazine recognized by Limca Book of Record, the only magazine published in 12 languages reaching 22 states, 23 edition having about a crore combined readership.

To celebrate the foundation of any organization is to review the work done and prepare the road map of the future plans of action. The best action plan for future of the KJ would be to rededicate ourselves to take the organization to the great height in its silver Jubilee year (25years).

The readership may be curious to know the process of creation of the universe. The same is mentioned here under.

" When the time of creation came, the preparation commenced, currents flowed, vibration intensified, formation of knots(granthies) started, momentum gathered, churning process set in, actions and reactions began and continued till objects began to assume individual forms The process of creation thus came into full swing. Animate and inanimate objects began to come into existence. In course of time, all the objects came to light and the universe was formed"


As the actions and reactions of the universe continue unabated in all circumstances, the work of KJ has also continued in all situations of ups and downs. Positivity and iron-will should be our Matras in all situations.

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