Cyril – A role model for kids with Down Syndrome

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Cyrils Family

Cyril is a personality who can inspire a lot of people. Cyril is a child born with a genetic condition called Down Syndrome. But today, Cyril and his family are becoming role models for many. Today, Cyril is able to lead a good social life and interact well with others. The only reason for that is the hard work of his parents. Xavier and Lincy, parents of Cyril who are tried to raise a child with Down Syndrome as a normal child. They are a role model for society today. This father and mother have repeatedly said that society needs to learn to see such children as normal children.

We all need to know that Down Syndrome is not a disease and that it should not be replaced with medication. One in every 750 babies born with Down Syndrome. This is a chromosome variation. The average human has 23 pairs (46) of chromosomes, of which 47 are present. The twenty-first chromosome is three instead of two. Many parents are distressed when they learn that their child has Down Syndrome. There are still many parents among us who have the view that life is ruined. But this situation must change. It is the duty of the family and, more importantly, the community to provide such children with confidence and all the conditions conducive to their growth. We should not show sympathy to children or their families born in such a situation. Instead, they need to be confident and stand by them.

This condition was first described 150 years ago by a British doctor named ‘John Langdon Down’. The word Down Syndrome is originated from his name. When many people hear this name, they see it as a condition of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. If the baby born in such a condition is given proper treatment and proper care, he will reach a high level in society just like normal children. With the constant hard work of the parents, the mental state of such children can be improved in a positive way. Xavier and his wife Lincy are a good example of this. These parents tried to raise Cyril like a normal child. They cared for the baby in such a way that he never realized that it was not the baby's fault. These parents were able to bring about changes in his mental and physical health by teaching in a normal school and engaging him in a variety of activities like other children. Today, Cyril helps out with his father not only in business but also his mother in gardening. Cyril loves cycling, swimming, and modeling.

‘Cyril's Honey’ is a venture started by Cyril's father with the goal of making him a business entrepreneur. Pure wild honey collected from Kasaragod district  in Kerala is marketed here. Today, Cyril is able to fill and neatly pack these honey bottles independently. Xavier says, he gives the name of his son to the business because it is pure honey. His wife Lincy a Botany Graduate, loves gardening a lot. The mother was able to share this ability to her son. Cyril is always with his mother to fill the pots with soil, weeding, pruning, grafting and water the plants in a timely manner. Only in this way can the mental health of babies born with this genetic condition be improved. These parents are to be respected in the community for making Cyril stand out like other children and enable him to do his own thing.

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