Mother Earth Amidst Covid-19

Meghana D P, PAU
Meghana D P, PAU
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For 200 years we have been conquering nature continuously for our greed, crossing the limits of need. From the dawn of civilization, human became greedy and his whims and desires are more prioritized than inspiriting vibrant mother earth which pushed towards the verge of extinction of biodiversity, ground water depletion, ozone layer depletion, arsenic contamination, global warming due to increased release in the greenhouse gases.

Mother earth lungs getting deflated because of human destructional chores in spite of her gracious presence and pleasantly behavior towards all creatures via sheltering birds, harbors every single being in her womb but now we have beaten her to death. 

Once it was a spectacular heavenly elegant picturesque of nature but now destroyed by the irresistible actions of humans due to which nature has throwed her rebellious nature by way of demonic COVID-19 pandemic

Impact on mother earth amidst COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on nature is actually like a silver lining on the clouds but otherwise it’s a very dark story.

  • The above lines are vividly eye witnessing due to reduction in the average AQI in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Kolkata remained within two digits due to reduced factory emissions and transport both land and aviation.

  • The NO2 emissions has reduced by 71% in total.

  • Global air traffic has reduced by 95% (pollution by aviation).

  • CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) reports that holy river Ganga and Yamuna clearing up from the dead body debris and others only after pandemic (in spite of having Namami Gange project and others).

  • This has triggered the highest downfall of CO2 emissions in 2020 than previous years. Overall 2020 has witnessed to see a drop in global emission of 0.3%.

  • It is suggested that there has been 25% drop in energy use and global emission to decrease overall annual carbon emission by 1% in China and also witnessed in some parts of world .

  • In the amidst of pretext COVID-19 pandemic forests turning green, oceans reflecting blue proving planet beauty is snatched by only greedy human.

Major dark side of COVID-19 on mother earth

But increased medical waste like unprecedented use of disposable face masks, personal protective equipments from hospitals reached it’s peak during outbreak are now threatening to wildlife habitats. Nature heals itself. It knows to bring back to her elemental form. No one can neither creates nor destroys her immense potentiality.


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