Mushrooms: A Complete Nutritional Package

Prasad Vanjari
Prasad Vanjari
Reishi Mushroom

Nowadays people are conscious about their health and thus they prefer eating healthy foods. There are many foods that provide multi-nutritional properties that enhance nutritional requirements.  Vegetarian and non-vegetarian people have their different food sources that give them different nutrition, but mushrooms are one of the food groups that provide all nutrition in one food.

Mushrooms are types of edible fungus that are not in the vegetable category, which is grown in safety-protected environmental conditions widely. In India and worldwide a large number of mushrooms species are available in which 1/3 species are poisonous.  Mushrooms are a complete source of nutrition as it is rich in proteins, vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and low in fats, carbohydrates, and calories that are very helpful for sugar patient.  

It is said that the Greeks used mushrooms as a food supplement for their warrior strength, and have highly medicinal benefits that help to maintain nutritional needs and improve the strength of human beings for day-to-day activities for which they are named superfood on earth. In the market, lots of supplements are available through which you can fulfill your requirements and also give you some side effects while consuming regularly, so take an organic source of supplements that will have no side effects. Mushrooms are available for medication and edible purposes and have processed food products available in the market as well such as mushrooms pickles, papad, biscuits, soups, etc. Especially for pregnant women who require folic acid during the pregnancy period, mushrooms will satisfy with the fulfillment of their daily requirements because mushrooms are a good source of folic acids.

Various species of mushrooms can be used as food:- 

Button Mushrooms  

Button Mushrooms are popular and widely used in Indian dishes. Button Mushrooms are available in supermarkets as fresh, frozen, canned, and dried powder, as well as different processing products, of all mushrooms, are good sources of vitamin D. Button mushrooms are also rich in protein, calcium, and fiber. Dietary fibers are helpful for your body, the nutrients absorption and assimilation are depended on the digestive system. 

Oyster Mushrooms  

Oyster mushrooms have an important role of our diet, in nutritional point of view oysters are similar to button mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are rich in Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Ascorbic acid then vegetables, such as proteins are provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal effects. Oyster mushrooms gives medical benefits that control high blood pressure, blood sugar, polio, AIDs, and heart diseases, therefore oyster mushrooms are called healthy food. This can be easily available in the vegetable market or supermarkets in fresh, dried, and powdered form 

Paddy straw Mushrooms  

Paddy straw mushrooms are edible species which is also popular as a food source. It contains rich protein and calcium. These mushrooms are helpful in reducing blood sugar levels, asthma and fight against anemia. 

Milky Mushrooms (Calocybe) 

Milky mushrooms are generally found in milky white, this group is also edible species. It contains a high amount of protein, vitamin B6, and dietary fiber, which help to maintain the functional activities of the human body. 

Shitake Mushroom
Shitake Mushroom

Shiitake Mushrooms  

These mushrooms are rich in biological sources like polyphenolic compounds, provitamins, and amino acids. These mushrooms have active compounds such as Lentiana, Lectin, Lenthionine, and Lentysine. These provided anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-tumor health benefits.   

Reishi Mushrooms  

Reishi mushrooms have been recognized as one of the medicinal mushrooms used for the treatment to fight against many infections, pulmonary diseases, and cancer and it not sell in food form because it is solid in texture therefore it is only available in grind powder and tablets form in the market. Reishi mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes to help in eliminating free radicals from the human body and to protect against anti-viral activities and also beneficial for people who’s suffer from HIV infection.   

Cordyceps Mushroom  

The cordyceps mushrooms are the component of cordycepin is used for different medicinal purposes. These mushrooms are commonly used for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, improving kidney disease, and increasing the fitness level for hardworking people, and gives anti-aging properties and improve liver function, reverses HIV, and enhance immunity. This can be available in dried powdered capsules from the market.  

Surprising medical benefits of mushrooms for human beings are as follows:-

  • It normalizes lower blood pressure

  • It helps in weight loss 

  • It increases longevity

  • It improves digestion

  • It provides ability to fight against cancer  

  • It helps against breast cancer

  • It fights against uterine cervix cancer

  • It helps against gastric cancer

  • It controls blood sugar 

  • It has anti-ageing effect

  • It boosts Immunity

  • It is full of anti-oxidants that helps in eliminating the free radicals


Prof. Prasad Vanjari , Karnataka Arts, Science and Commerce College, Bidar, Karnataka

(Dept. of Food Processing & Technology) Email: - prasadvanjari2594@gmail.com

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