Pillas Farm fresh: New venture from Malayalam Actress Manju Pillai

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Actress Manju Pilla’s
Actress Manju Pilla’s

A new innovative venture ‘Pillas Farm Fresh’ has started by famous Malayalam actress Manju Pillai and her husband Sujith Vasudev, Cinematographer in Kerala.

The couple leased seven and a half acres of land at Kaipatti Mukku in Avanavanchery, Attingal to set up Pillas Farm Fresh. The nearby river and the nature-adorned surroundings add to the beauty of Pillas Farm.

This was really our dream

If you ask Manju Pillai how she got into this venture, she will say, 'This was really our dream and desire. It was started long before the Covid period. But the only thing that was fully focused was on Covid time. Only buffaloes on the Mura Breed are ready for sale in this farm.

At the beginning of the farm, when the Covid problems were severe, there was a shortage of workers. But neither of us was willing to give up or get tired of this venture. We did many things alone, including bathing the calf, feeding it, and cleaning the barn. All of this was really a new experience and lesson for both of us. The crisis we faced in the beginning actually made us a little stronger.

The buffaloes are still brought here and marketed in strict compliance with Covid standards. With the re-emergence of the art world, a timeless situation is emerging. However, you can find the maximum amount of time to get here and take care of other things. Pillas Farm Fresh is a great success just as we both intended in our minds.

So there is a lot in mind for the future. Not only cattle but also poultry and a little farming are available here. Agriculture is not really a new lesson for me. It was cultivated on a small scale on top of a flat in Ernakulam. Farming, working in the soil, and making friends with pets all make our minds more and more happy.

I have a lot of respect for the lives of people who breathe the smell of the soil and take care of the soil and livestock. Those lives are greater than any other luxury life.

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