She is not comparable to man, The Wonder she is: WOMAN

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

A mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a companion and one of her most important identity: A Women ...  the numerous roles that the woman has, the miracles which she performs, she does not turn the mountain upside down, she does not turn the fire to ice, but the little things she does in daily life makes the living a little easier, a little better and a little comfortable. But still, amidst all her toils, she struggles every day to find her identity, to see her contributions being appreciated, to find a safe and respectful society for herself.

It has never been about the comparison of a man with a woman, for the matter of fact, Women is not a Man. She is indeed a woman. Reaching the places where man has been to, is not what she earns, its something she deserves. Deserves for being a human being, for being as much a human being as a man is. From coal mines to space shuttles, from research centres to business achievements, from the sports field to ocean depths, a woman has made her existence count. And it was never easier to come out of the kitchen and unveil her strength, her courage and her faith in herself. Today, on 15 October, on International Day of Rural Women AND on Women Farmer's Day, Krishi Jagran appreciates the contribution and respects the women farmers for being who they are.

Women are not there just for the kitchen, women is there at the farms as well to fetch the food for the kitchen. India, where the gender ratio stumbles being at 940:1000, women in Indian agriculture takes a lead since approximately 60% of farmers at the field here are female. She has experimented with numerous practices and outperformed everywhere. But it is disheartening to know that women have less than 20% agricultural field on her name.

Today, in the field of agriculture, women are increasingly using new experiments. Whether it is poultry or mixed cultivation, gardening or dairy industry, women have made their presence in every area of ​​agriculture. In the last few years, some new dimensions in this field have also been found by women who have found their courage.

Did anyone ever think that the hand full of bangles would ever hold a plough or a tractor steering? Hardly this hypothesis might have come to anyone's attention that the face in the veil will make a different identity in society today and it will emerge graciously. The little imagination hidden in the womb of the mother will flutter in the open. She with her own wings will recognize her existence. Krishi Jagran bows down to all those women who have not fulfilled their dreams while trying hard to kneel in front of difficult conditions and today there is a huge wave in the agriculture sector.

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