Team Flora-fauna's Mysterious Tricolour Fish

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Team Flora-fauna
Team Flora-fauna

The conch of success was blown by the team -“flora-fauna”, a team of grandparents with their grandchildren. Dharika Reddy(20) and Dhruv Sai Reddy(14) share a warm bond with their animals since childhood like their grandparents RamachandraReddy (83), Sulochanamma(66) from Annur Village, Andhra Pradesh.

Ramachandra Reddy being a farmer proudly says a farmer helps 100 lives of animals to grow with him directly or indirectly. Sulochanamma who is compassionate to animals since her childhood loves to be around with her animals which includes cattle, hens, kittens, dogs and birds. Dharika and Dhruv being animal lovers eventually got connected and spent great time with the animals since childhood. This time the sibling duo installed an azolla tank for the cattle considering its health. While the azolla showed a good progress and was something new in their locality, catching everyone’s in surprise, they then added new aquatic friends to the family of their loyal animal friends. They initially left 4 pairs of livebearers (4 white and 4 black coloured fish) to circulate air and break azolla as fragments while they explore their new home. Indeed, they showed a great impact in the azolla’s growth. 


This gave rise to an integrated system of azolla and fish. They wrapped the tank with fabric to prevent cranes and other predators. Azolla was a great hiding play area for the fish and was a nutritious food to cattle, fish and hens. The livebearers beautified the tank by giving birth to new fishlings who loved moving as a team to explore. Dharika then named her new favourites as bubbles while Dhruv did his DIY accessories for bubbles. Bubbles then got the company of murrel fish, their new tank mates. Nature had always been the best healer.

Keeping this in mind the team flora fauna set up a river like atmosphere to bubbles, their school of fish pointing to “Naturopathy” by adding a layer of sediment mud at the bottom with 4 days old cow dung which is overloaded and fermented with nutrients while almond leaves and Chikoo leaves fell naturally into the tank from trees. Here comes the wonder of the nature, the river like atmosphere setup with organic husk powder and rice grains grown by the family being fed to the fish played a vital role to create a wonder depicted by the appearance of the growing fishlings. Initially they looked transy white with some black coating on fins and tail.

Spirulina is quite expensive catalyst for pigmentation in fish while we preferred azolla and river algae which then resulted in the fishlings turning into a tricolour being with black scales on top ,a sharp scaly wavy tail ,transy fins and eyes popping out like tiny peppercorns.There was no medicine used for its pigmentation or growth yet bubbles grew in a great size than it is expected to be with respect to its age. 

It is 30 days old yet it's size is of a Juvenile fish! 

Surprisingly was is observed that it has a few qualities of its tank mate-the murrel fish. Bubbles have always been a charm and a great kick start for the agri labourers who play with it when they take a break.Sulochanamma likes seeing them gathering ,swirling, jumping and playing when she feeds them. Bubbles aren't for commercial purpose but to spread smiles and satisfaction.

Team concludes saying that having an ornamental fish gives better satisfaction than wearing an ornament. 

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