Three Unusual and Healthy Ways of Having Eggs


Given the covid pandemic and lockdown, we sure are concerned about what we eat and where the food is coming from. But with limited options and no outings, are you bored of having the same food? In today’s busy and active lifestyle we are all looking to munch on some healthy snack which is quick and easy to prepare. When it comes to protein, vitamins and minerals; we all know farm fresh eggs are the healthiest option.

Here are some of the dishes that are best prepared only with fresh eggs:

Egg Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick and convenient snack option to keep you going between meals and also maintain your health between hectic zoom calls! And yes, you can make your protein bars at home using all the natural ingredients while saving yourself from paying the outrageous prices for the ones available in the market.

Key Ingredients:

  • Egg white powder

  • Nuts / dry fruits

  • Dates (as sweetener)

  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)


Line a baking dish with parchment paper. Blend nuts until they resemble a crumb consistency. Process egg white and cocoa powder for 30 seconds. Process dates until you have reached a sticky consistency. Press mixture into prepared dish. Refrigerate for 1 hour Pull out of baking dish by lifting parchment. Cut into 20 bars. Add to an airtight container, placing parchment between layers to avoid sticking together. There you go, all sorted for your pre or post workout meal or mid - morning snack for the next few days.

Benefits of having an Egg Protein Bar:

  1. Repairs and Builds Muscles

  2. Helps with Weight Loss

  3. Rich source of energy

  4. Controls blood sugar levels

  5. High in minerals & Vitamins

Pickled Eggs

If you are looking for a high-protein snack and don't mind waiting at least a day, pickled eggs can be a great choice. Pickled eggs are a low-maintenance food that are traditionally prepared by sinking hard-boiled eggs into spices for a minimum of 24 hours; the longer the submersion, the richer the flavor.

Pickled eggs can be a good source of protein, if you consume more than one. Each pickled egg with no yolk contains 4 g of protein, which is half of what a cup of milk contains. Protein is essential because it provides the amino acids that build and repair muscle and other body tissues.  Fresh eggs completely change your cooking game as they enrich the taste to another level.

Egg Coffee

Coffee with egg has long been served in cultures spanning from Vietnamese to Scandinavian, which might be a healthier alternative to your regular brewed coffee.

Key Ingredients:

  • One egg

  • 20 g of coarsely ground coffee

  • 400 ml of boiling water

  • 300 ml of cold water

While recipes for egg coffee may vary between cultures, the basic one involves crushing a fresh egg, whisking it with ground coffee and ¼ cup of cold water, before adding the mixture into boiling water and letting it simmer for five minutes. Pouring a cup of cold water on top of the mixture will then push the coffee to the top. A coffee filter can then be used to enjoy the extra-strong, reddish, brownish ‘egg coffee’.

Benefits of an Egg coffee:

  • Egg decreases bitterness in coffee

  • Egg coffee could keep you fuller for long

  • Egg yolks are excellent emulsifiers

  • Eggs are incredible sources of micronutrients

  • An egg coffee makes a good recovery drink

So if you want a delicious, rich and consistent cup of coffee try adding a raw Farm Fresh egg to it because fresh egg yolks can smooth out anything from dressing to sauces. Stay healthy!

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