Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Agri- Horti Start ups

Mohammed Shoeib Ahmer
Mohammed Shoeib Ahmer

While it’s inevitable that farmers’ attitude towards agriculture marketing will shift as the present situation escalates. It’s crucial that agri-horti professionals focus on how they can help support farmers during this difficult time.  

Here you have Top marketing strategies for Agri- Horti Start ups: 

1. Network - Before you get into a business, the foremost thing to be considered is the network , which simply means your connections which includes people who have good knowledge , who can refer you, train you and mentor you. A mentor who is willing to give you advice and guidance can help you gain maturity and experience. A co-worker who has a specific technical skill might be willing to offer you training. These opportunities for self-improvement in the workplace can make you a more valuable employee.

2. People - And next comes people , so what type of people are you looking for as your clients or customers plays key role in order to reach your target. To make it easier, you need to fix the type of clients or customers you are looking for. People are not just those who you are selling and advertising to. It includes staff, salespeople, customer service teams, and anyone involved in the marketing and sales processes. Your employees should effective and perceived positively by customers or clients.

3. Social Media - As each one of us is aware of social media which is a very big platform to connect with large number of audience. One can get into this platform for free mostly, where you can connect to your audience with current trends  and advertising which helps your startup to get easily promoted and to grow your brand. You will also get feedback from people which help you to know the pros and cons from your startup and also help to build customer loyalty.

4. Idea - Though there aren't rules to follow , but one need to consider certain points. A structured experimentation is to be done by doing market research run useful tests to vindicate your idea and determine whether it has potential. 

5. Benefits - This factor shows how are you different from others startups, it includes product or service’s purpose, how a product looks, packaging, any warranties, and then comes pricing charges, discounts and other offers.

Pro Strategies: Look for right people for your team , be proactive , risk bearer ,know how to give and take , adaptability, persistence and long term focus . 

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Mohammed Shoeib Ahmer 
Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University 
Mojerla, Hyderabad, Telangana 
Email- srk.shoeib@gmail.com 

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