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3 Yummy Muskmelon Recipes That Will Help You In Summer

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi

Having multiple benefits in a fruit is not enough for good health until you know how to consume it properly. This summer fruit is also known as cantaloupe and it has various benefits. While most of the people prefer eating muskmelon raw, right out from the refrigerator, there are some muskmelon recipes that can enhance your taste.

Muskmelon Mouthwatering Recipes:

Below are some yummy and quirky recipes that you can try and prepare it at your home:

Green Salad with muskmelon dressing:


1 cucumber cut in cubes

1 cup lettuce leaves torn

1 cup blanched broccoli florets

1 capsicum cut in cubes


1 cup chopped muskmelon

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tbsp mint leaves

1 tbsp coriander leaves

Salt and pepper to taste.

Method to Prepare:

Blend ingredients for the dressing.

Combine all vegetables in a bowl, pour the dressing and serve.

Muskmelon-Mint Slush:


Muskmelon- 2 cups cut into small pieces

Black salt- 1/4 teaspoon

Method to Prepare:

Prepare a smooth puree by blending muskmelon and mint with black salt into a blender or a liquidizer.

Now, blend all the ingredients properly in a bowl and mix well.

Now take a shallow container, and pour this mixture in it. Freeze it for 3-4 hours. Again, take the blender and liquidize the mixture till it turns slushy.

Pour this slushy mixture into glasses, garnish it well with mint leaves and serve chilled.

Muskmelon banana smoothie:


1 cup muskmelon

1 banana frozen

Half cup water

Half cup curd

Method to Prepare:

Now blend all the ingredients and serve it chilled to everyone. Musk melon or cantaloupe is a juicy sweet fruit with a soft flesh and lots of water content. We can also use the seeds of muskmelon. After drying these seeds in good sunlight, roast and add it to salads or soups. We can also add them to our sweets and halwas.

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