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5 Common Myths on Health that are Absolutely Wrong

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
Make carbs your friend and eat right

There is an information overload regarding diet, health, nutrition, and related topics. It often leaves us confused and irritated. What actually is good for health?

Here are a few common myths that need to be busted, if you truly want to be healthy.

Myth# 1: Carbs make you fat

No , they don't.

Poor carbs have been accused since a long time for making people fat. But, the truth is: it's not carbs that make you pile up on the fat, but the way you have them. So, the trick is the choice of carbs. Complex carbs from whole grains, lentils, brown rice, and nuts are healthy and important for fat metabolism. They should make about 60% of your daily diet. Lack of carbs will make it difficult for you to sustain the weight loss.

Eat carbs, but in moderation. Know what is better for weight loss.

Balancing sweet and health

Myth# 2: I have a sweet tooth

This is only a belief, not the truth. According to doctors, no such thing as sweet tooth exists. People  crave sugar only when they fail to have a proper meal or they have the wrong carbs that digest quickly, giving them hunger pangs.

The trick to combat sugar craving is to have a wholesome meal.

Myth #3: For the best health benefit, eat kale and Quinoa.

You don't need to stock up on exotic food to get the maximum health benefits, say dieticians. Eat local. Yes, kale and Quinoa are great foods, but they are not the only great foods. And, don't substitute them for local and seasonal foods.

Myth# 4: You must detoxify your body regularly

No need! Our body is a miracle. It knows how to detox itself and it does this daily. It flushes out toxins regularly through excretion system, sweating, and breathing (when you exhale carbon dioxide). So, detoxification is happening every minute! A short-term detox program hardly does any good.

The trick is to eat healthy and avoid loading your body with junk food. Your body will stay pure and fresh naturally.

Myth# 5: Skip meals and you will lose weight naturally

This is an absolutely wrong belief. And please do not follow it. You will only harm your health. Do not skip meals. Eat regularly. The trick is to eat the right kind of foods that are cooked with the right cooking method and eaten in the right portion.

Now that you know the truth, it is time to make smart food choices and stay healthy. Remember, in this Covid-19 era, you must not starve your body anytime, as it can lower your immunity. Fuel up your body with the right energy so that it can fight off viruses.

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