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4 Effective Ways Of Storing Fruits & Vegetable To Preserve Their Nutritive Value

In this article, find out helpful tips for storing fruits & vegetables items.

Kritika Madhukar
Refrigerating certain food items also helps in keeping their nutrients intact
Refrigerating certain food items also helps in keeping their nutrients intact

Just purchasing fresh and healthy groceries does not provide you guarantee that the nutrients will pertain even after cooking. It is also essential to store them properly to maintain the nutrients. The same is true in preparing specific food items.

Whenever it comes to the break - down of nutrients in food items, time serves as the main factor. So, next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to buy grocery items that have been grown locally and are fresh instead of being packaged and transported and also try to buy fruits and vegetables that have been left on the vine for ripening instead of being artificially ripened. 

Enlisted are some additional ways for you to adopt while preparing and storing food to retainthe nutrients

Keeping The Food Items In Cool Environments

It is better to store root vegetables such as onions, potatoes, and garlic in places that are cool and dry. It is beneficial to store vegetables in the refrigerator.

Other vegetables like tomatoes can be stored by using both of the methods.

Let The Vegetable Breathe

Some vegetables such as mushrooms and some other fruit items come covered in cellophane or plastic boxes. Keeping them in paper bags or poking some holes in the plastic boxes which they come in will allow air to pass through them. By this method, they will not go bad and lose nutrients.

Freezing Method

Vegetables like peas are better to consume frozen rather than the day old-ones. Frozen vegetables are also nutrient-dense if they are purchased fresh, blanched, and frozen immediately after. When food is processed before freezing, nutrients are lost.

Vegetable Peeling

Nutrients are lost when thick layers of a vegetable or fruit are vigorously peeled. So keeping the skin unpeeled sometimes can help pertain to those nutrients and also if you must peel off the skin, try to peel thinly.

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