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6 Superfoods to Detox Your Liver

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Just like other parts of the body, without liver our body wouldn’t be functional. Liver performs many vital functions in the human body. And the most important function is that liver helps to detoxify blood to remove harmful substances and store vitamins and iron, convert stored sugar to usable form when body’s sugar levels fall below the normal.  

It is recommended that one must consume dinner early, and not in the late night. As, liver cleanses itself and process starts during the night time, and it needs some rest after that. And, in this process, some foods act as a stimulator.  

So, here is the list of the foods that help you detox the liver. 

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is most common spice used in Indian kitchens, and along with this, it is also used in for medicinal purposes. Turmeric also helps in maintaining a healthy liver by protecting it against damage. An active ingredient in turmeric, Curcumin has powerful biological properties. Enzymes in turmeric also helps in flushing out toxins and regenerate healthy liver cells, and also improve the overall functioning of gall-bladder.  

2. Garlic

Loaded with Sulphur compounds, garlic also helps in activating liver enzymes which are responsible for flushing out the toxins. And, selenium in garlic also improves the liver function by fighting against the damage caused by oxidative stress.  

3. Fibre-rich foods

Fibre-rich foods including broccoli, cauliflower, apple, carrots, sprouts, beetroots and many more, all are the major source of glutathione, which helps in eliminating the toxins of the body, and also provide support to the digestive tract. 

4. Green Tea

Green tea contains plant based antioxidants, called catechins, which are beneficial for liver and overall health. Catechins are the compounds that assist liver function and also eliminate liver fat accumulation. So, drinking a cup of green tea in a day can be good to maintain a healthy liver.  

5. Walnuts

Walnuts, high in amino acid content that supports liver cleansing, glutathione & omega-3 fatty acids that also support in liver detoxification. So, including this in your diet can be beneficial for your health.  

6. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C content, specially known to fight infections, but along with that it is also good for liver health. Citrus fruits stimulate the liver and also help in synthesizing of toxic content into substance that can be absorbed by water.  

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