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6 Traditional and Delicious Lohri Recipes to Make Your Festival More Special

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

The festival of Lohri has a great significance for the people of Punjab as it marks the harvesting season in the state and end of the winter season. The main event is making of a huge bonfire that is symbolic of the homage to the Sun God for bringing in warmth. Celebrated every year on 13th January, Lohri celebrations are associated with the harvesting of Rabi crops.

Lohri festival has a special significance for the agriculturists as it marks the beginning of a new financial year. On this day they clear up the division of the products of land between themselves & the tillers.

Below we have given some traditional foods without which the Lohri festival is incomplete. These foods are normally relished in winters for their ability to keep the body warm.

Lohri festival special recipes



Gajak is a sweet made from sesame and sugar or jaggery. Gajak and Chikki are terms that are often used interchangeably for the same snack. Gur or jaggery gajak is more or less the same as gur ki chikki. Safed gajak, which is made of sesame seeds & white sugar is also an important part of the Lohri celebrations.

til laddoo

Til Ka Ladoo

This delicious and traditional winter sweet, made with jaggery and roasted sesame seeds, is one of the most important Lohri delicacy that is enjoyed even much after the festival is over. Til k ladoos has a  longer shelf life and are made in huge batches. You can store these ladoos in air-tight containers & consumed throughout winters.



Lip-smacking peanut & brittle jaggery chikki is another most favourite Lohri treats. There are many different varieties of chikkis besides the most common groundnut chikki. Dry fruits chikki or Til ki chikki that includes thick nuts like almonds, cashews & pistachios embossed in the sugary base of brittle jaggery.

Roasted Makhana

Makhanas also known as fox seeds or lotus seeds are the new-age superfood. Makhanas  are low in cholesterol, fat & sodium. They are an just ideal snack for weight watchers & those suffering from heart disorders. You can roast them in ghee or butter and dust them with pepper or chaat masala.


Believe me, these bite-sized sesame and delicate sugar snack are addictive.  No one can control themselves after eating one of them as they are so delicious. Rewri together with popcorn & peanuts are two of the top foods that are put in the fire on Lohri festival.

Atta Ladoo

This is yet another delicious lohri dish that is loved by many people. A rich, whole wheat sweet normally made in the Indian households for different occasions or festivals. Though Atta Ladoo is a very simple recipe with only few ingredients, but its texture & taste is superb! You can easily make these atta ladoos at home.

Krishi Jagran wishes all its readers a very Happy Lohri!!!!

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