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Why You Should Switch to Celebrating Holi 2024 with Tesu Flowers

These orange-colored beauties often bloom in the spring season and are known for their anti-aging properties. They heal skin disorders, purify blood, and cleanse the urinary tract.

Yukta Mudgal
Image Source: Yogesh Bhai Pandey
Image Source: Yogesh Bhai Pandey

Holi, the festival of colors, brings immense joy to everyone. But, the smearing of gulal must be safe for your skin. This is why since time immemorial, Indians have been celebrating this festival with tesu or palash flowers, which not only have religious significance but are skin-friendly too.

Tapping into Tesu

Tesu is grown on rocky areas that require very little water and no fertilizers at all, making it one of the most sustainable plants. Based out of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Yogesh Bhai Pandya, CEO of Nisarg Organic Farm, harvests tesu and sells them in the market. As per Yogesh, one kg of tesu is sold for Rs 150, and any farmer can make good profits out of tesu selling. 

The Dropping Demand

Yogesh opines that it is difficult to sell tesu because of the falling demand. “The younger generation wants ready-made products. I don’t think they even know about tesu flowers. When there is hardly any demand, why would anyone produce it?” he says.

Marketing it All

Yogesh is a generational farmer and his family has been cultivating the flower for the last 100 years. He says that for selling tesu, a seller needs marketing skills to target the right customers. Though demand for these flowers increases during Holi, it is stagnant across the year. However, these flowers are used for bathing babies too!

Expert’s Advice

Dr Sidhant Pandoh, consultant physician at Adarsh Hospital, Malviya Nagar recommends playing Holi with natural colours including those made from tesu. “Every year we have numerous patients complaining about allergic reactions from chemical Holi colors. Some of them even require to be admitted in emergency wards,” he says. 

Not only skin, but many people get eye and ear infections. The arsenic colors affect the cornea and the nasal cavities. Amplifying the issue, the doctor says that these chemical colors may also affect kidneys as the body is exposed to chemicals mixed in water. Other than flowers, people also celebrate Holi with tomatoes, curd, and milk. Teenagers with acne problems and people with sensitive skin should use natural colors as an alternative matter.

Other than flowers of tesu, its wood pulp and bark are also utilized in traditional medicinal practices for curing diarrhea, ulcers, sore throat, snakebites, gonorrhea, and dyspepsia. Using these flowers can make skin smoother, and keep one healthy, making Holi sound and safe.

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