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7 Easy to Make and Healthy Snacks For Kids; Get Complete Recipes Inside

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
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One big problem that every mother faces today is making her kids eat healthy and nutritious food. Children usually develop a natural preference for food they enjoy eating the most. And this is why it is very difficult for parents to convince their child that fruits are as sweet as Chocó cheesecake. Thus, the challenge is to make healthy choices tempting for your little ones.

What you can do is cover up healthy meals under the wrap of their favourite food. Without making healthy food dull, give junk food a makeover with staples such as wheat, multi-grain and ragi together with goodness of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Food Recipes for Kids

Here are some healthy food recipes that your children will absolutely fall in love with. So let’s start learning:

Multigrain Pizza

One good idea is also to change the regular pizza base with a healthy multigrain base. For this you can take a fresh pesto sauce in place of ketchup and also add some healthy toppings. Surely your kids will love this multigrain pizza.

ragi cookies
Ragi Cookies

Ragi Cookies

Ragi is full of calcium which makes it perfect for the kids in their growing phase. So bring a smile on their faces with a batch of cookies made with ragi.  Ragi will turn brown after roasting and can easily fob off as chocolate cookies. You may also try oatmeal and raisin cookies for a change or variety. Keep experimenting new things in the kitchen and this way you can make your kids eat and learn about healthy foods.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta with mushroom sauce

Whole wheat pasta and mushroom, both are very healthy food items. If your kids love Italian food then they will definitely enjoy this great combination of whole Wheat Pasta with mushroom sauce. All you need to do is take whole wheat pasta and add some fresh seasonal veggies. Then prepare mushroom sauce and add to it. Also put some tomato ketchup and oregano.

banana fritters
Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters

If you ask your child to eat one banana..he won’t..isn’t it. But if you make something tempting with banana them he or she will definitely eat it. So in a bowl, take some bananas and add lemon, sea salt, flour and milk if desired in it. Mix them well. Now coat it with bread crumbs & dried coconut and then bake to perfection. You can also fry them. Banana fritters can be made in many ways and this is just one of them.

Oats Idli

Oats Idli

South Indian foods like idli, dosa and uttapam are great to eat. And if you make your favorite idli with some roasted oats, urad dal, channa dal, mustard seeds, a pinch of turmeric powder then these idlis will turn out to be a great healthy lunch box meal. Oats idli are easy to make and very nutritious for you and your family.

Kiwi, Melon Smoothie

Kids love smoothies!!!! So mix together seasonal fruits like melon, kiwi, milk, honey and oats to get a yummy and refreshing smoothie for your kids. Give this fulfilling cold beverage between meals or as a quick healthy breakfast to your little ones.

kiwi melon
Kiwi, Melon Smoothie

Lentil -Mushroom filled Burgers

Aloo burger and chicken burger may be tempting but lentil-mushroom burger is very healthy. Kids like burgers so they will never so NO to them. Fill burgers or patties with roasted mushrooms instead of potatoes and sneakily hide some lentils in them.

Cornflakes chaat

Cornflakes with milk & honey is quite boring so why not give it a twist. Try chatpata cornflakes chaat. Fr making this chaat – you would need cornflakes, tomatoes, green chillies, onions, chaat masala and coriander leaves. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl. Then take a pan, put little ghee and add cumin. When it cools down put the cornflakes mixture in it and mix gently. Garnish it with coriander leaves and put some more chaat masala.

So these were some healthy foods for your kids. Hope they will enjoy it!!!

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