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8 Unknown Benefits of Lobia/Cowpea

Cowpea and its benefits, sowing time, Nutritional factsLobia (Cowpea) is a plant whose beans are thin and elongated. Green “sabzi” or vegetable can be made with these beans. This plant is also used to make green manure.

Swati Sharma
Lobia/Cowpea in the Bowl
Lobia/Cowpea in the Bowl

Lobia is a type of bob. It is also called chaula or chaura. It is a green-colored vegetable that is one hand long and very tender and is cooked and eaten. Its seeds are made from lentils. It has other varieties, but cowpea is the best. The plant is sown in gardens and is valuable for beauty and goodness.

Lobia (Cowpea) is a plant whose beans are thin and elongated. Green “sabzi” or vegetable can be made with these beans. This plant is also used to make green manure.

What is Green Manure?

Green manure is the auxiliary crop cultivated mainly to increase the nutrient content in land and the supply of organic matter in it. Green fertilizer increases the fertile power of the land and protects the land.

Climatic conditions:

Hot and humid climate is suitable for cowpea cultivation. The temperature requirement is 24o – 27o Celsius. In the more contractual season, the plant stops growing.


It can be cultivated in almost all major soil types in India and pH value between 5.5 to 6.5 is appropriate. Proper drainage is necessary and alkaline land is not suitable for its cultivation.

Sowing Time:

It is generally sown in February-March in the summer season and June-July in the rainy season.

Nutritional facts of Cowpea [lobia]

Below are the nutrients per 100 gm of cowpea

  • Total Calories:100

  • Total Carbohydrates:21 gm

  • Dietary Fibre:7 gm

  • Sodium:4 mg

  • Potassium:278 gm

  • Iron:13 %

  • Proteins:8 gm

  • Vitamin B6:5 %

  • Magnesium:13 %

Benefits of Lobia or Cowpea

It contains almost all essential minerals and vitamins. It has numerous health benefits. Additionally, cowpeas are good for our skin and hair too.

1. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

The soluble fibre in lobia or cowpea absorbs the extra sugar content in the blood and is a perfect choice for diabetic patients. Lobia is known for its low glycaemic index, which can regulate your blood sugar levels. A small portion every day can give you maximum results.

2. Fights Free Radicals

There are vast amounts of antioxidants in cowpeas in the form of vitamins C and A. The regular consumption of cowpeas will help remove the free radicals that otherwise cause damage to skin cells. That helps in keeping away cancerous cells as well. Do you know pulses help to prevent and suppress cancer?

3. Keeps Heart Healthy

Cowpeas have some metabolic flavonoids; this helps in the treatment and the prevention of all cardiovascular problems. With low cholesterol levels and regulated blood pressure, you can stay away from the risks of heart diseases.

4. Control Stomach Disorders

Cowpeas can handle almost all stomach problems together with the pancreas. The idea is to tone the organs well and stimulate their functions to be treated and prevented in later stages. It also cools down lousy bowel movements.

5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels

The soluble fiber and the levels of proteins in cowpea make it an excellent way to lower the bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. Phytosterols in them help to maintain a proper standard when it comes to cholesterol. That keeps the heart healthy and fit. This is one of the best uses of cowpea for your body. No wonder doctors say that pulses are good for the body.

6. Good Care Taker of Skin

The protein levels in cowpea are perfect for the excellent health of the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants which can repair your skin and keeps it free from any damage. By cleansing the stomach with its dietary fiber, lobia can bring a natural glow to your skin.

7. Fights Hair Loss

Intake of cowpeas regularly provides you with a good level of proteins by which the hair strands are made up. That only means that you can have problem-free hair strands and, thus, ensure proper control over hair fall. It will also make the strands healthy and enhance hair growth.

8. Proper Sleep

Cowpeas are rich in magnesium and a compound called Tryptophan, which has nerve relaxing properties. Taking a good portion of lobia as an early dinner can calm down your stressed nerves and promote better sleep. This is one of the best lobia health benefits for those who have sleep-deprived or have chronic insomnia.

Apart from the above, lobia helps to delay aging, keep skin healthy, and cure urination and pancreatic problems. You can have lobia as boiled, in salads, or as sabzi, or make lobia curry (dal).

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