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Can we Eat Fish and Milk Food Together? Know the Truth

is it ok to consume fish and milk together?

Swati Sharma
milk and fish recipe
Milk and Fish recipe

A downside for all seafood lovers is that a word of warning often comes along with the consumption of fish and milk together. It is generally advised from our childhood not to consume milk and fish together; it may cause skin patches or pigmentation on the skin. As per Jewish law, it is believed that milk and fish are a disastrous combination and are harmful to your health. 

But modern science shows different viewpoints. Scientifically, there is no proof that drinking milk after fish can be dangerous or could affect the skin's pigmentation. Many fish recipes prepare with curd, and curd is the essential ingredient of these recipes, a dairy product. Hence this theory doesn't fit well. It cannot conduct any unfavourable side effects like skin pigmentation, it could lead to little indigestion, but that also depends on person to person.  

But the vagueness about this combination does not end here. We have checked with some dermatologists, and a few agree that fish and milk combination is not good to consume as it can cause terrible allergies.  

When we compare this combination with the Ayurveda method, we encountered similar grounds. As per Ayurveda science, fish is a non-vegetarian food, and milk is vegetarian despite being an animal product. That provides a combination of mismatch. Consumption of these two foods together enhances the tamas guna in the body, which could generate imbalance. It could also rise to some chemical changes in the blood. Chemical changes may come out as skin pigmentation or a situation known as leucoderma. Several Nutritionists suggested not have dairy products with rich protein foods. One reason is that milk has a cooling effect on the body, while fish has a rich heating effect. When they break down during the process of digestion, a lot of energy is released. 

Most people believe that the milk and fish combination is not suitable for health, but science does not support it. Still, there is no such evidence to prove the consequences. A complete Mediterranean meal, which is considered one of the healthiest diets worldwide, includes a combination of fish, yogurt, or milk along with cereals, healthy fats, and nuts. Many studies have been doing on various Mediterranean meals, and results show beneficial in heart diseases, diabetes and cure mental problems too like depression.  

As per Bangalore-based Nutritionist, no documents or study shows any adverse effect on dairy products consumed in combination with fish. She clearly said that there is no harm to consume fish and dairy products together. After that also it is suggested to not drink milk and fish together as a precautionary measure. 

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