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Do You Know Donkey Farming Is A Highly Profitable Business?

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

The 'donkey' still stands as a symbol of humiliation, despite the difficulty of crossing the difficult path and the ability to remember the same paths and find his master in any crowd. When addressing someone as a 'donkey' in a mocking manner, remember that there is no other animal that is superior to a donkey. Donkeys that touch each other and enjoy the creativity of nature are a perfect example of symbiotic love. It is very sad that we do not find a market for donkey milk which is as nutritious as breast milk and do not use donkey as a 'farming animal'.

Importance of Donkey Milk

Donkey's milk is rich in vitamins A, B, B1, B12, C and E. Therefore, it is also important for good immunity. It is also used as a cosmetic. The use of donkey's milk is good for increasing skin radiance and eliminating wrinkles associated with aging. As per the history, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt has it that she bathed daily in the milk of 700 donkeys to maintain her youth. From this we can understand the glory of donkey milk. Donkey milk, which is rich in antioxidants, has been found to fight premature aging. Donkey's milk contains many nutrients and minerals that help digestion. Donkey's milk is a great remedy for fatigue, asthma, respiratory problems, abdominal pain, eye pain and so on. Donkey milk can also be given to children as it contains as many nutrients as breast milk. It should be noted that donkey milk does not cause any allergies. Donkey's milk should not be boiled like other milk. Can be stored in refrigerators for up to a year. Donkey milk based cosmetics are highly valued in the market. But these are at the forefront in terms of quality. Not only does it maintain the skin's natural radiance, it is also an excellent remedy for all skin ailments.

Although similar in appearance to the horse, they are on two levels in nature. Donkeys are widely known for their calm demeanor. They prefer to graze in herds in the meadows. The donkey's favorite is the finely chopped fodder. Apples and pineapples are a good source of nutrients for lactating and pregnant donkey’s. They do not bite like other animals after feeding. The donkey has only one chamber in the digestive system, just like a human. A balanced diet consisting of corn bran and rice bran is good for donkey health. The donkey's stomach can hold up to nine liters of water. The donkey is a highly immune animal.

Significant care is essential in donkey breeding. The gestation period is 13-14 months. Female donkeys reach maturity at the age of three months. Female donkeys are more valuable in the market. Always chewing mouth and parallel hind legs are considered to be enough signs. The donkey can be weaned on the twentieth day after calving. Milk should be taken into consideration for their health. Donkeys should be given breast milk for at least one month after calving. 100 ml can cost up to Rs.1000 in the market. Donkey dung is an excellent organic manure. Like donkey milk, donkey dung is in high demand. Recognizing the infinite possibilities of the donkey, a symbol of innocence, will enable us to reach the larger world of business.

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