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Do You Love Watermelon? Read on to Know Why You Should Not Eat This Fruit at Night

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

The summer has finally arrived and so has the season of watermelons! After mangoes, the most loved fruit of the summers is watermelon, and people drool over refreshing dishes made out of this nutritious fruit. As the name suggests, watermelon is a great source of water, and that’s why consuming it in summers is considered a healthy habit. So, eat watermelon in the summers as much as you can, so that your body remains hydrated. But remember, there is an hour of the day when consuming watermelon should be strictly avoided.   

Side effects of Watermelon

Yes! Eating watermelon at night could lead you to some serious health issues. Read on to know why not to eat your favorite fruit at night. 

Avoid Eating Watermelon at Night Because: 

  • Consuming it in the night can cause some serious bowel irritation. Watermelon is nutritious fruit and it can be very heavy for your gut. As they say, the dinner should be like a pauper, meaning we should not eat heavier food items at night. That is simply because our digestive system becomes slightly slower at the night than that during the whole day. So, to make your digestive system healthier and keeping it away from gastric issues, say a big ‘no-no’ to watermelon at night! 

  • They have high natural sugar content. Watermelon is a naturally sweet fruit with lots of water content. If you consume too much sugar content at night, it can lead you to immense weight gain. While it is claimed that watermelon is a very useful fruit for weight reduction, eating it at the wrong time can totally make it a spoiler! 

  • Consuming it at night can lead to frequent urination at night. And no one wants to go for frequent rounds of the bathroom at night, sacrificing their precious sleep! Frequent urination is simply due to the high water content in the fruit. While not only can this be a sacrifice of precious sleep, but consuming it at night could also make it a case of overhydration. Overhydration is a condition where the body acquires excess water but the water is not being exerted. In such a condition, one could experience swelling of legs, loss of sodium, and a weak urinary system.  

For many of you who love to have watermelon, this could be heart-wrenching information, but you should always remember that mindful eating is a must to be healthy. You should not be stuffing your mouth without knowing the right way of eating it, even if it is healthy food. So, this summer, it’s time to learn mindful eating! 

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