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Drinking Green Tea Can Be Bad for Your Health; Know How?

Jyoti Bisht
Jyoti Bisht

A number of studies have proven the health benefits and the side effects of drinking green tea. Excessive consumption of anything is bad and so does Green tea. A limited use of green tea as a medical regime will definitely improve the heart issues, cholesterol and blood pressure. Similarly, it has some major side effects due to overdose such as headaches, upset stomach, and dehydration.  

Benefits of green tea:

Aids Depression:

Green tea is a remedial way for those people who go through anxiety or depression. The component which is found in tea leaves is called Theanine. This component is a natural amino acid which helps in soothing and relaxing our mind.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and the medical results show that it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Green tea also helps in lowering the blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.


Green tea leads to a young and healthy skin as it fights with wrinkle causing cells. A drink in a limited amount which has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties will keep you young. You should start drinking green tea after your 30 for a youthful charm.

Prevents Diabetes:

Consumption of green tea in a remedial way can keep the diabetic patients away from the high insulin level. It helps in regulating the glucose level by slowing down the blood sugar.

Weight Loss

The component found in green tea called polyphenol works miraculously to increase the metabolism. It directly attacks on the restore fat of the body. Drinking it can give you a perfect shaped body by reducing the fat.

Side effects of green tea:

Caffeine Overdose:

An excessive consumption of green tea can cause several health issues such as sleeping disorders, headache, anxiety and heartburn. Green tea consists of caffeine and more than two or three cups a day can be unhealthy for a body.

Upset Stomach:

It is advised to not to drink green tea on an empty stomach as green tea contains polyphenols. This component increases the stomach acid which can cause stomachache, burning and constipation.  

Reduces the Iron Content:

The excessive amount of green tea can cause low iron absorption in body. It is also bad for those who are suffering from an iron deficiency. However, adding few drops of lemon extract in green tea can reduce the effect of catechins.

Causes Dehydration:

Green tea is a natural diuretic which causes the dehydration due to an excessive consumption. Dehydration can further cause some major health problems like vomiting, diarrhea, headaches.

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