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FSSAI issues guidelines on how to clean fruits and vegetables at home

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have come up with some guidelines on how to clean fruits and vegetables safe and clean at all times.

Here’s what they suggest:

  • Keep the fruits and vegetables bought from vendors within the packet itself in an isolated place.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly or put a drop of 50ppm chlorine in warm water and dip them in it.
  • Wash them with potable or clean drinking water.
  • Do not use disinfectants, cleaning wipes or soap on fresh produce.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables required to be refrigerated in the refrigerator. Keep the rest at room temperature in baskets or racks.

In another set of guidelines, FSSAI also advised:

  • Do not store or leave the food outside of the house in cars or garages to avoid the risk of food safety issues like temperature abuse or pest exposure.
  • Clean the sink and platform where food items have been washed. Do not let the drip fall on the floor or else you must wipe it immediately.
  • In the case of food packages, sanitise or disinfect by wiping them with an alcohol-based solution or soap and clean water.

The e-handbook by FSSAI on “Eating Right during COVID-19” for citizens also highlights the safe food practices to be followed to avoid the spread of the virus & safeguard health through adequate nutrition.It is important to follow the right practices to ensure that our vegetables and fruits are fit for consumption. Do not resort to hearsay or myths around the same and only trust information from reliable sources.

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