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Ginger Tea: Asset or Sweet Poison

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

Whether it is summer or winter, hot ginger tea can be consumed and enjoyed in both the seasons. Ginger tea offers many health benefits along with its amazing taste and it is also used as a medicine. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, magnesium and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, which provide relief from headaches and colds. But you know that ginger tea also has some side effects, which most people are not aware of. So let's take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of ginger tea.  

Advantages of drinking ginger tea:-  

1. Effective in relieving from joint pain 

Ginger tea is beneficial for those with joint pain. It eliminates joint problems. 

2. Relief in discomfort during menstruation  

It also provides relief in physical pain during periods. 

3. To overcome nausea and diarrhea 

If you are traveling and you feel like vomiting then drink ginger tea. You will get relief from it immediately. 

4. To boost immunity

Ginger has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, which are helpful in protecting against many diseases. Vitamin is also found rich in ginger. Those who give energy to the body. 

5. It improves digestion power 

Digestion is strengthened by the use of ginger. Its use relieves stomach aches and gas problems. In winter, drinking ginger mixed with lemon and black salt strengthens the digestive system. 

6. Beneficial in reducing weight

Consuming ginger tea is very beneficial for obese people. If you want to lose weight, then eat ginger water or ginger tea. Due to cortisol in ginger, there is less belly fat and excess body fat. 

7. Effective in respiratory diseases 

It is helpful in getting relief from respiratory disorders. It is helpful in relieving cold and cough.

8. To reduce the esterol level. 

9. Helpful in increasing blood circulation. 

Disadvantages of Drinking Ginger Tea

1. Risk of miscarriage

Some people believe that ginger tea is very helpful for morning sickness. But many experts advise pregnant not to consume ginger due to bad effects on the fetus. Consuming ginger during pregnancy is dangerous for both mother and baby as it can also lead to miscarriage. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor before consuming ginger tea in pregnancy. 

2. Bleeding risk   

The people who are using high blood pressure medicine, they should not consume ginger in any way because it reduces blood pressure, which can cause heart pulsation. Apart from this, people with ginger can have blood disorders like hemophilia. Therefore, before taking ginger tea with medicines, consult your doctor. 

3. It disturbs the sleep cycle

If you have a habit of drinking ginger tea at night, you may have problems with your sleep cycle. Many people are unable to sleep by drinking ginger tea. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. 

4. It decreases blood sugar levels

Excessive consumption of ginger can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. People suffering from low sugar levels should consume as little ginger as possible. 

5. It Upset stomach

Although ginger tea relieves stomach problems, the appropriate amount of ginger tea varies from person to person. Excessive consumption of ginger can cause acidity, heartburn, and diarrhea. Because ginger tea produces acid in the stomach. 

6. Loss of appetite  

According to Experiments, ginger intake reduces your appetite. The study suspects that concentrations of serotonin hormone in ginger play an important role in suppressing appetite. So if you want to increase your weight then avoid drinking ginger tea as it can reduce your hunger. 

7. Constipation

If you consume too much ginger, you may have constipation. Because acid starts accumulating in your stomach. Apart from this, if you consume more ginger while lowering blood pressure, then your blood pressure may decrease further. 

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