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Harmful Food Combinations: Never Eat these Food Items with Curd

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Mango with curd
Mango & Curd should never be consumed together

In this scorching summer, many people like to consume curd, buttermilk, and lassi. In fact, we never eat curd alone, we always eat it with parathas, fruits, or any other food items.

And why not…!! Curd is loaded with many health benefits, and who won’t like to eat this creamy & tasty yoghurt…!!

But do you know, there are some food combinations that can be extremely harmful for health.

The same is with the curd, some food items when consumed with curd, can cause health problems. Let us proceed and know, what are food items that should never be paired with curd.


Just like curd, mango is also eaten mostly in summers, in fact, we all wait for summers for the only reason, i.e., mangoes. But mango and curd are of opposite nature. And together, create heat and cold in the body. And may lead to allergies and skin problems.


Many people make raita with onion added to it. But just like the previous combination, onion and curd together create heat and cold in the body, as onions produce heat in the body and curd produce cold. This combination should be avoided, as it can lead to skin allergies including psoriasis, rashes, etc.


Curd is prepared by the fermentation of milk by bacterial culture. Milk and curd are of the same family, both are animal protein. And taking both together can cause gastric issues, diarrhea, and related health problems


Fish and curd, both are good sources of protein. And health experts say that two rich protein sources must not be paired, and especially a vegetarian and non-vegetarian source of protein. And fish is a non-vegetarian source of protein and curd is derived from milk. So, consuming the two together can result in stomach problems including gas, acidity, etc.

Urad Dal

Urad dal doesn’t get digested easily, it takes time to digest. And when paired with curd, can cause stomach issues just like the previous two combinations. And in the long run, the problem can become serious, so you must not consume curd and urad dal together.

Along with all these, you should also try not to consume curd with oily foods, as it will also slow the digestion process and can be harmful in a long run.

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