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Health Update: What Are the Differences Between Flu & Cold?

Jyoti Bisht
Jyoti Bisht

Though, flu and common cold both cause respiratory illness but these illnesses are caused by different viruses. Most of us get confused to identify between the flu & cold as they both shows similar symptoms. However, flu is more harmful for a human body in the comparison of common cold.  Several studies show that common colds are mild in nature than flu. People with colds suffer a runny & stuffy nose. Generally cold does not affect any serious illness and it can be cured at home by natural remedies as well as by medications. On the other hand, flu has some major consequences for our health.

How to identify flu and common cold?

It is difficult to figure out the difference as both the viral infections share the same symptoms. Only a test in the beginning days can tell if anyone has the flu. On the basis of symptoms, one cannot be felt assured about the illness.

Major Symptoms of Flu:

People feel fever and frequent changes in the body temperature.

Some starts coughing.

A running nose stuffed with hard mucus.

People feel exhausted and tired.

Muscle pain, headaches are caused by flu.

A person with flu goes through body aches.

Symptoms and signs of flu are severe than cold symptoms which starts impacting immediately. The studies show that flu also includes diarrhea, vomiting, soreness and congestion.

Symptoms of Common Cold:

However, cold has mild signs as compare to flu and cold does not affect someone with severe illness.

Running nose is common and sometimes a mild headache.

People start coughing from the fourth and fifth days.

There are chances of fever with a cold in case of children.

Fever is uncommon in adults.

People generally recover from cold within a week.

Sneezing is common in cold.

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