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Healthy Food: Roti VS Rice, Which One is Good for Your Health?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Roti Vs Rice

Any Indian meal is incomplete without these two things, moreover Indian cuisine is all about Rice and chapatti. No doubt, both are healthier and also easy to digest than any western or Chinese food items. As we all know, our body is traditionally fit on the way we used to treat them. So it’s not a surprise if a Roti person find it tough to survive with rice or the vice versa.

Both comes with different features and benefits, which depends and varies due to geographical regions, food habits of family and more over the availability of food items. While east and Southern regions of India are habituated to rice, North Indian people are always find their comfort zone with ‘Roti or Chappatti’. So, here comes this never ending debate, what is healthier for your body? Rice or Roti? So here we are to give you the complete conclusion of this long lasting debate of Rice VS Roti.  

Nutritional Value of Roti and Rice: 

1. Protein and Fiber 

Both Roti and Rice have moreover similar carbohydrate levels and calorific value, but different nutritional value because chapati contains more proteins and fibres than rice. 

2. Easy to Digest

You should know that rice is easier to digest because of its starch content, whereas roti digests slowly. However, due to slow digestion Roti keeps you full for longer, which is a big plus for weight watchers. Moreover, if you are sick and want to go for something light to digest, you can go for rice. 

3. Vitamins  

Both rice and chapati provide Folate, a water-soluble B-vitamin. Rice is a better source of Folate than chapati. 

4. Minerals  

As per reports, each serving of chapatis come with calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, whereas rice provides the same amount of iron but less phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Rice doesn’t contain any calcium. 

5. Sodium and Other Nutrients 

Chapatis contain more fiber, protein, micronutrients and sodium. Rice doesn’t contain any sodium. If you are watching your sodium intake, then rice will be a better option. 

Pros of Rice

  • As per the above analysis, rice is easy to digest and is probably the best food to eat during an upset stomach.

  • Rice contains high amounts of folate (water soluble vitamin) and this is good for your health.

Cons of Rice

  • As per science reports, white rice increases the blood sugar levels as it has a higher glycemic index. This causes rice to not friendly with diabetic patients.

  • Compared to Roti, it does not contain phosphorous, sodium (you can add it though) or calcium.

  • Chapatis come with calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, whereas rice provides the same amount of iron but less phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Rice doesn’t contain any calcium.

  • The color of rice looks white as the outer most layer of rice (husk) is removed while processing. This actually causes the rice to lose most of its micro nutrients to be washed away.


Pros of Chappati 

  • Although both have similar carbohydrate levels and calorific value, chappati contains more proteins and fibres than rice. So, it’s always good to go for Roti if you want to make your meal more healthy with proteins and fibres.

  • Rotis or chapatis contain a good amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. So, it helps to have a healthier diet.

  • As per the above analysis, Rotis are diabetic friendly which doesn’t raise your blood sugar level. So a diabetic patient should choose Roti over rice.

Cons of Chappati/Roti 

  • If you have digestion problems, then rotis are not a good option for you. Moreover, if you want to give your stomach a lighter option, go for rice.

  • Don’t go for Maidarotis, go for whole wheat or other multi grains. 

What is good for a weight loose diet? Rice or Roti- 

If you are obese and looking forward to a weight loose diet, you need to prefer rotis over rice.  


So finally we come up with the conclusion from the above analysis. Maybe now you get the overall idea of what is good for your health and what is best suitable for your body. Further, the fitness expert recommends a bowl of rice and a plate of 3-4 rotis for a healthy diet. Also, if you are diabetic, it is better to go with rotis as they do not increase your blood glucose levels as easily as rice.  

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