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Home-Made Tips & Tricks to Cure Cough & Cold

Jyoti Bisht
Jyoti Bisht

Whether it is summer or winter, cough & cold are always there. In the starting, we all take it as a mild fever. But after a few days, cold starts to show its major impacts on our body. Though there is nothing to worry about but avoidance can also affect badly. Today, you will know the natural remedies which can cure a cold at home.

Medically prescribed pills are not bad at all but we can give a try to natural ways that are available in our house.

Natural Ways to cure Cough & Cold:

Ginger soup:

Ginger soup has no side effects as it is totally natural. You just need two-three slices of ginger and put some salt with one glass of water. You have to stir the soup for 5 -7 minutes. Even you can add some small pieces of carrot in it for the flavor.


Steam can help you in breathing and cleaning the stuck mucus in your nose & throat. We face trouble in breathing and cough continuously. This home-made trick will definitely help you to properly breathe.

Blow the mucus:

It is very crucial to clean & blow the stuff mucus during the cold. You should blow your nose in the cold to open your nostrils which generally makes you feel suffocating.

Salty water:

Doing gargles with salty water helps to kill the bacteria or virus which causes cold. Cold & cough is a viral contagious which gives you watery eyes, continuous cough.

Proper Rest:

Your body needs proper rest in cold due to muscle pain, running nose and headaches too. You need to take a steam of hot water than a blanket to cover your body. This method will chuck out your cold & cough for sure. Rest is also necessary for a body that functions all the time even when you are sick.  

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