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How Your Face Can Tell Which Disease You’re are Struggling With

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

Usually, when we fall ill, its effects can be seen on our face, such as face becomes fade and dull. If our body is falling prey to some disorder, then the face starts giving some indication, which we generally ignore and this is where we go wrong. It is very important to recognize these signs as ignorance could be dangerous for our health. Also, you need to seek the advice of a doctor immediately after that. Let's know which face problem indicates which disorder. 

Reasons behind the swelling on the face  

1) Kidney disease - If you have any kind of swelling on your face, then kidney disease can be a sign. Apart from this, the swelling on the face can also be due to the use of the wrong medicines. 

2) Obesity  - The first reason is obesity, which in most people is the cause of swelling on the face. But in this condition, weight gain also occurs in the rest of the body. 

3) Teeth infection or pain - Any discomfort associated with teeth can also cause swelling on the face. In particular, tooth infection, gingival pain, and swelling may be the main reasons. 

4) Sinus - This can also be a major cause of swelling of the face. In this case, swelling of the mucous membrane is seen in the air surrounding the nose. 

5) Illness - Sometimes a disease of the body or an action occurring in the body, reacts in the form of swelling on the face. 

What diseases can be detected by looking at forehead  

1) The forehead tells about the problem related to the heart, small intestine and bladder from the forehead.  

2) If the forehead turns red or has a crust on it, it means that there is a disturbance in your digestive system. For this, you have to increase the amount of water from which toxins can be released. Also avoid partying late at night and get plenty of sleep. 

What diseases can be detected by looking at Mouth 

1) Your mouth tells about stomach problems and lips about the stomach and intestine. 

2)  If there are small donations near the lips, it means that your digestion is not going smoothly and there is a problem in defecation.  

3)If the gums bleed, it means that you have acidity. 

4) Dried lips indicate a lack of water. 

What diseases can be detected by looking at Eyes  

Dark circles under the eyes even after regular sleep which means you are deficient in your diet. Eat on time and include such things in the diet, which removes weakness. You can also consult a dietician for this. 

What diseases can be detected by looking at Face  

White spots on the face - If you see white stains on your face anywhere, then understand that it is a sign of calcium deficiency, in addition, this stain starts appearing on the face even when there is less iron in your body and worms in the stomach. 

What diseases can be detected by looking at Eyebrows 

1) Eyebrows tell about our liver. Consumption of too much alcohol causes liver damage. 

2) Eyebrows reflect our anger. If you have a straight brow, it means that you are very angry and spit on someone or something.  

3) Reverse eyebrows mean that you know how to suppress anger. 

What do pimples say on face

Pimples on the face for a long time or removal of pimples one after the other is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Apart from this, due to other diseases related to the stomach, pimples are also removed on the face. 

 Yellow colour of the face  

1 )If your face is yellow for a long time, then this sign of the face may be of kidney disease. In such a situation, please consult a doctor.  

2) In addition, yellowing, jaundice or anemia can also be indicated on the face. 

Reasons behind the Facial Hair  

Thyroid - If women see unwanted hair on their face, lips, chin, then it can be a sign of thyroid and hormonal imbalance. In this case, take the advice of an expert. 

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