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Know the Amazing Health Benefits of Eating 'Banana Flower'; How to Buy and Store It

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
banana flower

Every part of a banana tree is useful in some or the other way. You can eat the flowers, fruit and stems of banana tree, its leaves can be used as plates and the bark can be used to make paper. Banana flowers is also known as banana hearts and is loaded with lots of fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus & Vitamin E. These beautiful flowers can be consumed raw or cooked and added to soups, salads and stir-fries.

Banana flower is quite big in size and grows from the end of the bunch of bananas & has a dark purple red bud. The small flowers is found on the inside part that later turns into the banana. Banana flower is starchy and bitter in taste. Banana flower has been a part of different cuisines in India that includes Tamil Nadu,  Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & West Bengal.

Banana Flower Benefits

Banana flowers offer many health benefits which are as follows:

Rich source of Vitamin & minerals

The banana flowers are loaded with Vitamin C, A, E, fiber & potassium that are the sources of healthy nutrient. These are essential for the healthy development of body and mind.

Cures infection

The banana flower helps in treating infection because it has ethanol flowers that further prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It can cure the injury as well. The extracts of banana flower also helps to prevent the growth of malaria parasites.

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Good for Cancer and Heart disease

Banana flowers are rich source of acids, tannins, flavonoids & other antioxidants that helps to counteract free radicals and removes the oxidative damage which leads to cancer & heart disease. People with cancer and heart problems must consume banana flowers.

Overcomes diabetes and anemia

People with diabetes should eat banana flowers either boiled or raw so that it reduces the level of blood sugar & raise the hemoglobin in their body. Banana flower is very rich in fiber and iron which helps in red blood cell production.

Improves Mood & Reduce Anxiety

The magnesium present in banana flowers helps in improving your mood and also reduces anxiety. These flowers serve as anti-depressants without giving any side effects.

Improves lactation

Banana flower helps in maintaining healthy uterus, restricts constipation during pregnancy and thus promotes lactation. You can combine it with other spices to make its taste even better.

Supports Menstrual Health

Cooked banana flowers can help you deal with pain in the abdomen and also reduce the menstrual bleeding. If you eat it with yogurt or curd, these flowers will increase the progesterone hormone in your body & reduce bleeding. 

Anti-ageing power

Banana flower helps in encountering the free radicals and treats the health issues related to it such as cancer and early aging.

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How to select Banana flower

You must always purchase firm and fresh banana flower. The flower should be free from any cuts or blemishes, with a smooth appearance. Make sure that the overlapping of outer leaves is tight.

How to store Banana flower

Fresh one should be used in a day or two. If you wish to use it later then it should be wrapped in a transparent plastic paper or cover in zip lock bags and then store it in the refrigerator.

Food you can make from banana flower

  • Banana flower fried rice

  • Banana Blossom Salad

  • Banana flower fritter

  • Banana flower cutlet

  • Banana flower curry etc.

You can order banana flower online from Bigbasket, amazon etc and also get it from your nearby grocery shops. I hope after reading this article you will surely taste banana flower once...

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