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Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Camphor

Camphor is an object used in worship in temples and other places. Camphor is a flammable substance. This is not an object used only for worship as everyone thinks. Camphor is a very medicinal substance.

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Medicinal Uses and Benefits

Camphor is an object used in worship in temples and other places.  Camphor is a flammable substance.  This is not an object used only for worship as everyone thinks.  Camphor is a very medicinal substance.

Waxy camphor oil is produced from 50-year-old camphor trees.  The oil is made by steaming the bark of the camphor tree.  Camphor is actually native to Japan.  Today, camphor trees are growing all over Asia and  Indonesia is said to have the largest population of camphor trees.

Medicinal Uses of Camphor

In addition to religious ceremonies, camphor is widely used in medicine.  Camphor is an essential ingredient in many Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines.  Camphor is widely used in the vaporabs and painkillers we use.  Camphor oils can relieve itching and pain in the skin. In addition, camphor is a good tool to drive away insects and pests from the house.

Camphor is also used to reduce the red color of the skin and to relieve pain and inflammation.  Camphor is also used to treat numbness in the nerves and rashes on the body.  To prevent redness of the skin, it is enough to mix camphor oil with water and apply it.  Balms containing camphor oil can also get rid of nail fungus.

Camphor is an important ingredient in many lotions.  Camphor oil is also used for a good night's sleep.  Some people pour one or two drops of camphor oil on the pillow.

Camphor has been used extensively in the vapors we commonly use for sore throats and coughs.  Camphor has a special ability to relieve a sore throat.

For healthy hair growth, camphor oil is usually applied to the scalp along with commonly used oils.  This is because camphor can increase blood flow to the scalp.  Applying camphor oil on the scalp can also reduce lice infestation.

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