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Nutritional Advantages of Jaggery Milk: Benefits and Side Effects

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Jaggery Milk

Milk and jaggery separately have certain health advantages for the body and one gets the advantages of both when combined. To both enjoy the advantages of jaggery and prevent the adverse effects of refined sugar, it is advisable to substitute refined sugar with jaggery as a natural sweetener.

It is perfect for the skin and hair and also good for the bones to drink milk mixed with jaggery. At the end of the day, it is also a perfect way to distress ensuring that you get a sound sleep at night and wake up in the morning refreshed. As described above, all said and done jaggery and milk have many advantages, and in the Asian countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh jaggery alone is very common.

In these countries, the distinct flavor of jaggery makes it a common addition to many sweet dishes. By using jaggery instead of processed sugar, it is a smart idea to experiment certain western recipes because according to several reports, jaggery is also healthy for diabetics.

Jaggery along with milk:

In countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Jaggery is known as Gur. Owing to its nutritional advantages and medicinal values, it has been used all over the world. Jaggery is made from fresh juice of sugar cane, palm or date juice.

The colour of the jaggery ranges from black to golden brown, and in the form of sucrose, it contains sugar. By mixing it with peanuts, coconut, gram dal, sesame seeds etc., several sweet are made from jaggery. It is often consumed mixed in milk and this is what we are going to discuss. Jaggery does not have the adverse consequences that refined sugar has; instead it has its own distinct taste which makes sweet dishes more flavorful.

Nutrition Benefit of Milk with jaggery:

Milk, as it contains a lot of calcium, vitamins A and B, protein and many other nutrients, is a highly nutritious drink in itself. It is said that Cleopatra took a milk bath to keep her skin moist and radiant. When milk is mixed with jaggery, milk's nutritional value increases manifold. Jaggery is considered to be beneficial for the digestive system and also serves as a detoxifying agent that cleanses the body of toxins.

Health Benefits:

  • Jaggery milk contains high levels of iron which, if eaten daily, increases the overall hemoglobin count.

  • The sucrose in it means you get an energy boost and removes the body's exhaustion and weakness.

  • Jaggery and milk decrease the risk of intestinal problems as it ensures the digestive system's proper functioning and increases digestion. After each meal, it is advised to take a little jaggery to help digestion of food. It also helps to avoid indigestion of intestinal worms, constipation, and other digestive concerns.

  • It produces lactic acid that serves as an exfoliating agent, releasing enzymes that help to smooth the skin.

  • Jaggery milk is a rich source of calcium and increases the bones' health. It is also a smart thing to fortify the milk with vitamin D so that the body absorbs the calcium properly.

  • In jaggery, there is a high volume of potassium that regulates the electrolytes in the body and also helps to create muscles besides enhancing metabolism.

  • It also decreases cramps and stomach pain that are related to menstruation. Even milk, provided you drink skimmed or low-fat milk, aids in weight loss.

  • Jaggery's potassium helps to minimize water retention in the body. Since it replenishes the fluids lost after a workout, it can also help reduce muscle soreness. 

Jaggery milk Uses

As a sweet and delicious drink, a mixture of jaggery and milk can be eaten on its own. This mixture can be used at the same time to create many Indian sweet dishes such as kheer, seviyan, etc. Jaggery may be added to many sweet dishes rather than sugar as a sweetener to make them healthier and tastier. At the same time, to cure colds and coughs, jaggery can be eaten with warm milk.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Jaggery Milk 

While it is not known that jaggery has any side effects and no reports of allergy to jaggery are known yet. Some persons can, however, be allergic to milk and other dairy products. This allergy is primarily due to lactose intolerance in certain persons and if they drink milk in any quantities, they will get signs of loose motions, skin breakouts and other problems. Therefore, make sure you are not allergic to milk before making jaggery and milk a routine portion of your everyday regimen. You should have jaggery alone to enjoy its advantages if this is the case.

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