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Paruthi Paal (Cottonseed Milk): The Nutritious Health Drink of Tamil Nadu, India.

M Kanika
M Kanika
Paruthai Paal (Cottonseed Milk)
Paruthai Paal (Cottonseed Milk)

Paruthi Paal (Paruthi means Cotton, Paal means Milk) is very much popular and nutritious drink of Tamil Nadu, India. Paruthi Paal is considered as “triple nutrient” because it is rich in protein, the essential fatty acids & sugar and can be called as an energy drink. In the districts of Tamil Nadu, paruthi paal is served as a welcome drink to guests. 

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During World War II, because of the unavailability of edible sources, various products were made from cotton seeds and these were served to the soldiers.

The proximate analysis of cottonseeds reported that 100gram of cottonseed contains: 23.1gram of protein, 43.2gram of carbohydrates, 22.9gram of fat, 7.3gram of moisture & 3.5gram of minerals in it.

After the immense popularization of the beneficial effects of cottonseed milk, various edible products are developed by the local people of Tamil Nadu and these food products are: Chocolates, cheese, curd, cottonseed soup, tamucurd, yogurt, sausage type of meat, biryani, & paruthi halwa.

Paruthi Paal is the best remedy to treat cold & cough and is good for nursing mothers. It is also a good alternative to cow or buffalo milk. It has a very high density of good cholesterol and it flushes out low density lipoprotein, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces the body heat, improves blood circulation & digestion, ensures good functioning of pancreas and also induce the good sleep.

For milk extraction from Cotton seed

Cottonseeds need to be wash properly and then soaked in water overnight. After getting soaked, these seeds are blended with the help of mixer or blender & later on, the blended product from the cotton seeds is kept on a muslin cloth & filtrate is being collected in a jar and is called as the Paruthi Paal (Cottonseed Milk).

For enhancing the taste of Paruthi Paal

Paruthi Paal can be a nutritious innovative drink with added Jaggery, 2% sucrose solution, 0.2% common salt, the pulp of strawberry or sitaphal to enhance the taste, flavor and consistency of paruthi paal.

Paruthai Paal (Cottonseed Milk)
Paruthai Paal (Cottonseed Milk)

Beneficial effects of Paruthi Paal

Here is the list of Health Benefits of Paruthi Paal

1. Maintains Blood Pressure

The presence of mono- and polysaturated fats in cottonseed have an optimistic effect on reducing the chances of blood pressure and regulates it. It is also important to maintain the heart health.

2. Heals Stomach Ulcer

There are many factors & eating habits that disturb the stomach environment, consumption of paruthi paal has been a traditional way to treat the problem of stomach ulcers.

3. Treats Cold & Cough

The concoction of cottonseed milk along with ginger, cardamom and almonds for making the paruthi paal is preferred for treating cold & cough in Tamil Nadu, India.

Cotton Flower
Cotton Flower

4. Ease in Labour Pain

The concoction and root of cotton stimulates uterine contraction which leads in preventing and easing the labour pain

5. Regulates Menstrual Cycle

As it contains low carbohydrate, one can consume this for the management of menstrual cycle.

6. Helps prevent cancer

Cottonseed oil is considered as one of the great vegetable oils which is safe and helps to protect the human body from various illness, including cancer.

7. Improves Neurological Health and Memory

It is a very important source of vitamin E. Hence, paruthi paal positively helps in functioning of nervous system and improving the memory functions.

8. Prevents Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can lead to serious health challenges. Cottonseed features low-glycemic or low-calorie index and it is said to have a beneficial effect in preventing PCOS. It is also a very good source of magnesium and have shown good results in preventing PCOS.

Other uses of Paruthi Paal Includes

In recent times, cottonseed milk has been used in the cosmetic industry for making moisturizing lotions, skin creams, herbal medicine, conditioners or shampoos etc., and all of these products are available everywhere, you can also order it online.

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