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Shravan 2020: What to Eat and What Should be Avoided?

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap

In this month, Shiva devotees follow many rules. Special care is taken in food and also the green colour is very important in the Shravan. Women also wear green bangles during this period. Eating green vegetables and brinjal is forbidden and the reason for this is that in this month, green leafy vegetables increase the risk of diseases or vata in the body. If we talk about the scientific reason thenin this rainy season, insects are found in leafy vegetables, so people should avoid using them. 

Consumption of raw milk is prohibited. It is said that raw milk is offered to God, so it should be avoided. But this is also because digestion is not as good in this rainy season. 

Kadhi is also prohibited during Shravan. It is said that curd made from onion and milk is used in Kadhi, so it should not be eaten. 

Consumption of meat and meat is prohibited. Similarly, it is said to avoid the consumption of garlic and onion. The reason for this is the tradition of not eating tamasic food (non-veg) habits at this time. 

Shravan Mondays and fast date: 

  • First Monday - July 6
  • Second Monday - 13 July
  • Third Monday - 20 July
  • Fourth Monday - 27 July
  • Fifth Monday - 3 August

 What to eat, what not to eat on Monday fast 

  • If you are fasting, drink fruit and fruit juice. Consuming seasonal fruits will not reduce the water in the body. Eat watermelon, melon, cucumber, mango etc. This will also keep the stomach clean. The energy level of the body will also remain. Also, drink 8-10 glasses of water. Drinking coconut water is also the best option.
  • Take 2 peanuts, makhana, milk, curd, paneer, and gram. All these will keep you healthy. The body will also get calcium, protein, iron. Eating jaggery during Shravan fast can boost the energy level in the body. Jaggery is high in iron, which does not allow a lack of energy in the body.

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