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The Best Non-Expensive Indian Superfoods You Should Eat for Strong Immunity and Healthy Living

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

Whenever we hear the term ‘Superfoods’ we subconsciously think of Broccoli, Greek Yogurt, Avocados, Kale etc. This is the power of marketing in the present time. But the superfoods we have mentioned above are not local to India. They all are foreign foods. Moreover, not all of them are pocket friendly and easily available. Every week a new superfood comes in market and this is the new trend now.

Any food should be considered Superfood only if it can be used in multiple ways to benefit health, have plethora of benefits and should suit every body type. They should add diversity in your diet and should be nutrients rich. The Indian Superfoods which we are going to discuss here are produced in India, have amazing health benefits and have stood the test of time in our culture.  

Let’s dive in to the list of these amazing Indian Superfoods: 

1. Coconut: 

Our Indian culture considers Coconut as ‘Shree Phal’ for its amazing benefits and versatility. We Indians break coconut before starting any important thing. By eating coconut our body gets physical strength and it soothes our mind. Coconut helps in fat burning and is stomach friendly. It provides much better hydration than other hydrating cola drinks. Coconut water and its raw ‘Malai’ is really good for digestion and constipation. Now various studies also agrees that coconut oil is best for cooking and healthy heart. You can also use coconut water for curing hangover. Truly a Superfood, is it not? 

2. Almonds

By almonds we mean local desi almonds and not California almonds. Desi almonds are higher in nutrition and our bodies can absorb them better. Rich in OMEGA fatty acids, almonds truly are tonic for your heart and brain. Soak 4-5 almonds in water in night and have them the next morning after peeling their skin. You can also have almond oil in lukewarm milk at night. It will help with all digestion problems.  

3. Desi Ghee

Our Indian culture have propagated numerous benefits of Desi Ghee for thousands of years. It can be used in both ways, Internally or Externally. The gold color of ghee indicates that it is a goldmine of nutrients. There are so much false rumors around ghee of being fattening, increasing cholesterol and causing heart problems. These are completely false. Now, even our Indian Celebrities are also having ghee regularly in their diet. Ghee has the highest smoking point among cooking oils, making it ideal for cooking and deep frying.  Having ghee on your meals helps in reducing their glycemic index and increases nutrients absorption. 2-4 tea spoons can be included in our regular diet.  

4. Banana

Banana is truly a superfood as it is really versatile, high in nutrition and easily available. It contains ample amount of Fiber, Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin C, which helps in giving you instant energy. It is really good for your digestive system as it is a ‘Natural Prebiotic’. Having banana every morning empty stomach helps in burning fat as it has plant sterol. 

5. Amla

Amla or Indian Gooseberry has been a part of Indian culture for thousands of years. It is an amazing immunity booster. Its other benefits are Amazing for eyes, Highest in vitamin C, Helps in reproductive problems and anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. Have boiled Amla with your meals, it tastes like pickle and will really enhance the meal taste. It also helps in anti-ageing processes like dull skin, grey hair, hair fall, wrinkles. Everyone should include this superfood in their diets.  

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