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Top 5 Navaratri Thalis with Mouth-watering Dishes

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Navratri Thali
Navratri Thali

Our country India is known for its culture and traditions. Here, we celebrate each and every festival with zeal and enjoyment. Navratri is also one of them, also known as Durga Pooja.

In India, Navratri festival has special significance. Just after listening about Navratri, two words come in mind, Garba and Fasting.

As our culture is diverse and so is the food, whether it’s tradition or the taste, we possess unity in diversity. So here we are going to mention some special Navratri Thalis from different parts of India with mouth-watering fasting dishes.

North Indian Thali

Almost every state of Northern India is known for their delicious foods. And for Navratri Thali, Northern India offers many tasty dishes.

North Indian Thali includes-

  • Khatta Meetha Petha- It is the delicious sweet and sour dish prepared from Pumkin

  • Moongphali ki Kadi- It is the kadhi prepared with moongfali or we can call it peanuts added in it

  • SabudanaTikki- It is prepared with sago pearls and potato, and is a fried tikki

Sabudana is a starch, that is extracted from tapioca roots and then converted into the form of pearls.

  • Kaju Baadam ki Sabzi- It is prepared from almond and cashews with some spices and gravy of peanut and curd added in it.

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthan is known for taste; we all are familiar with different cuisines eaten in Rajasthan, known for different-different spices, chutneys, and food with a royal taste. And for fasting also, Rajasthani culture offers many tasty dishes.

Rajasthani Navratri thali includes,

  • Paneer Bhurji- made from organic paneer and some fasting spices

  • Aaloo sendha namak and Dahi- includes fried potato and senda namak sprinkled on it and dahi

  • Kuttu ki poori- it is one of the more common and tastiest dish prepared from kuttu flour

  • Sabudana papad- prepared from soaked sabudana boiled and dried to form a papad and then fried

  • Falora swaad- it is a tasty fruit salad

  • Sabudana kheer- sago pearls are used in kheer instead of rice

  • Samachawal- this is cooked with samak rice

Sama rice, or samak rice, or specifically called barnyard millet is gluten free, fibre rich and nutritious seed. It is smaller in size in compare to normal rice.

Gujrati Thali

Gujrati food is also famous for its refined taste. There are many Gujrati dishes which are world famous including, gujrati dhokla, kadhi, etc.

And for Navratri fast, Gujrati thali includes,

  • Gujrati Kadhi- this kadhi is slightly different from common gujrati kadhi, in this Rajgira flour and jaggery is used.

  • Singhada Dhokla- these steamed dhokla are prepared from singhada aata.

Singhara Aata is prepared from the fruit named Water Chestnut, it is dried and converted into powder form to prepare the flour.

  • Singhada Khandvi- This khandvi is prepared from singhada aata and buttermilk and few spices

  • Navratri Special khichdi- this is prepared from sago pearls, with potato and peanuts added in it with some spices.

South Indian Thali

Rice and coconut are the most common ingredients used in south Indian dishes. But for Navratri, some special ingredients are used to make the same tastiest ever South Indian dishes. 

Here is the menu of South Indian Navratri Thali,

  • Faryali Dosa- Everyone would have tasted the dosa, but for Navratri thali, few ingredients are replaced in it. Rice and urad dal are replaced with sama rice and rajgira aata.

  • Nariyal ki Chutney- South Indian dishes are incomplete without coconut chutney, and it can be eaten during the fast also.

  • Pattice- It is prepared with potatoes and arrarot flour and stuffed with coconut and finally deep fried.

  • Banana and Rajgira Puri- this is prepared with banana and rajgira flour.

Rajgira aata is prepared from Ramdana, also called God’s grain. It is made from seeds of amaranth plant. Along with preparing fasting dishes, rajgira is also used for making yeast breads.

  • Carrot Payasam- This is the creamy and smooth payasam made with carrot, jiggery, and coconut milk

So you must give a try to these special Navratri Thalis for making Navratri special.

Happy Navratri…!!



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