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Best Diwali Rangoli Designs 2020: Simple, 5 Minute & Neat Rangoli Designs Videos that You Shouldn’t Miss

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Designs: When Diwali 2020 is just less than a month away, Krishi Jagran brings to you Latest and Simple Rangoli Designs, Pictures and Videos to guide you in making quick and beautiful rangoli. Though, the world is going through a pandemic, yet we want our viewers to make their Diwali special with their loved ones. If you too are with us, then, just follow our suggestion given below. 

We advice our people to divert their minds by indulging in making these beautiful rangoli designs. Though, complete precautions such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing etc must be followed especially during festive time. Before, going to the rangoli designs, first let’s understand some unkown facts about it.

The word ‘rangoli’ is said to have been derived from the words ‘rang’ and ‘aavalli’ which refers to a row of colours. Rangoli is also known as Alpana, aripoma, or kolam. It is a timeless tradition that is followed across the country. Its design patterns often consist of natural elements such as animals, flowers, flower petals etc.

So, here are the Best and Easy Rangoli Designs for you to make your house more beautiful and lively during Diwali. We will provide you with the videos as well to help you step by step so that you can easily make rangoli yourself without taking anybody’s help.

Diwali 2020: Best Rangoli Designs & Videos

1. Peacock Rangoli:

Try this amazing peacock rangoli and make your house look more beautiful.



2. Quick Rangoli


3. Neat Rangoli


4. Rangoli made by fevicol bottle


5. Spoon Rangoli


6. Diya Rangoli


Neat Rangoli making Quick Tips for Beginners:

  • Use mehendi cones or paper cone molds to avoid spilling colours;

  • Use bangles of different sizes to get a perfect circle

  • You can replace colours with flower petals and coloured rice grains. Please note that it is easier to make a rangoli with flower petals than colours.

  • You can use forks, spoons, plates, combs to make your own ideas.

  • Use candles or diyas to make your rangoli more attractive.

So, brighten up your houses this Diwali with beautiful rangoli. Krishi Jagran wishes its viewers a Happy & Prosperous Diwali.

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