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Turmeric Tea: Benefits of Consuming This Wonder Drink in Winters

Check out an essential drink you can rely on this winter. This drink contains turmeric, a wonder spice that Indians have been using for ages.

Ayushi Sikarwar
Turmeric tea
Turmeric tea

The pre-winter season is here and all are indeed excited as the skinny frost in the air is a much-needed relaxation from the scorching heat of the tropical plains, and the forthcoming season is yet to bring awe-inspiring edibles on the table. The season brings all sort of colourful fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs for one to enjoy along with a comforting weather to measure the lengths of the places you wish to be.

With all the dreamy aspects of the winters, there falls certain drawbacks too. And if proper care and action are not taken on time then it can be truly inconvenient for you.

Along with a damp freezing nip in the air, the winter season invites cold, flu, and numerous other infections to deal with. Hence, it gets extremely crucial for one to take a proper and balanced diet, including herbs and spices with medicinal properties for effective protection against common diseases. And what could work better than these special components being blended into a hot beverage to sip on a frosty winter day?

Well, one such essential drink you can rely on in the winter is a tea consisting of the essence of turmeric, the wonder ingredient Indians have been using as a spice and in form of medicine since ancient times.

How turmeric helps you during winters

Call this super ingredient a spice or a herb, 'haldi' is packed with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and anti-viral properties. According to health experts, it helps to counter inflammation and free-radical damage in the body during chilly weather.

A component called curcumin present in turmeric boosts metabolism and improves the immune system to help fight the body against viral, cold, and other diseases. Curcumin also flushes out the toxin present in the body to keep it healthy from within.

Turmeric naturally generates heat in the body, keeping you warm during the freezing season. Studies show that turmeric can prove to be quite effective in tackling joint pain and sinus during the winter.

Those prone to sore throat during cold weather can expect instant relief owing to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities of this traditional spice, while its anti-fungal properties are yet another reason for one to use it as a remedy for various infections.

Check out super easy turmeric tea recipe:

# Boil the required amount of water in a pan

# Add several pieces of raw turmeric and grated ginger to it

# Let it boil for 5 minutes

# Add a pinch of black pepper

# Strain the water into a cup

# Add honey to taste

Regular intake of this herbal tea will not only aide positively to your health these winters, but will be a win-win for those who cannot consume 'haldi doodh' for various reasons.

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