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Why You Must Eat These Tiny Fruits that Fit Inside Your Palm!

Elaichi bananas or Yelakki bananas are tiny, dwarf-size bananas cultivated in West and South India. They are cut little fruits that you will love to eat.

Shipra Singh
Elaichi Bananas (Image source: Google)
Elaichi Bananas (Image source: Google)

Everybody has seen bananas. But have you ever seen elaichi bananas? No, they don’t taste like elaichi (cardamom). It’s just that this banana variety is tiny in size. You can say these are dwarf bananas. One banana snugly fits inside your palm!

Elaichi bananas, also called Yelakki bananas in South India, are sweeter in taste and a bit costlier. Say, if you buy the normal bananas at around Rs. 25-30 for half a dozen, you may have to shell out Rs. 30-35 for half a dozen of this tiny yellow berries (yes, bananas are berries).

Nutrition value of elaichi bananas

They contain similar nutrients to their bigger counterparts, but being dwarf in size, they have lesser calories. So, if you are checking your calories for weight loss, you can switch to these tiny bananas instead of the regular ones.

Elaichi bananas are laden with potassium and Vitamin C. This makes them a great snack after workout. So, forget your whey protein shakes and munch on these bananas!

They are high in good carbs too.

A tiny nutrition powerhouse this 3 to 4 inches long banana is!

Areas of cultivation

Elaichi bananas or Yelakki bananas are commercially cultivated in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The plant is medium tall and slender. It bears dark green fruits. They turn into highly fragrant golden yellow color fruits.

You can notice a prominent beak kind of protruding structure near the axis. Fruit pulp is ivory white. These bananas can withstand long transportation distances.

These bananas are abundantly found in coastal area of Saurashtra region in Gujarat. As you travel towards the famous Somnath temple in Veraval (a costal town of Gujarat), you can find a line of vendors selling these tiny bananas along the road. These bananas are also grown in Mumbai.

In case you are traveling to Gujarat, Mumbai, or South India, try elaichi bananas. You can also bring bunches of these cute yellow fruits home, as they don’t spoil easily. 

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