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Ambuja Foundation and IndusInd Bank Unite for Water Sustainability in Maharashtra

The partnership between Ambuja Foundation and IndusInd Bank marks a significant step towards addressing water and agriculture challenges in Maharashtra.

Shivam Dwivedi
Ambuja Foundation and IndusInd Bank Unite for Water Sustainability in Maharashtra
Ambuja Foundation and IndusInd Bank Unite for Water Sustainability in Maharashtra

Ambuja Foundation, renowned for its effective water management initiatives, has joined hands with IndusInd Bank to introduce the Integrated Water Resource Management Program (IWRMP) in the Mahad region of Raigad district, Maharashtra. This collaborative effort aims to tackle the water and agriculture challenges prevailing in nine villages within the Gandhari Catchments Cluster.

Objectives of the Program:

The newly launched IWRMP endeavors to raise awareness among villagers about water conservation practices through the implementation of various measures, including soil water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and groundwater recharge. By deploying innovative technological solutions, the project aims to ensure year-round access to clean drinking water in the project villages. Additionally, the program seeks to extend the water retention period, reduce runoff, and enhance income generation opportunities for villagers while optimizing agricultural practices.

Pearl Tiwari, CEO of Ambuja Foundation, emphasized the importance of community empowerment through education on sustainable practices. She highlighted the significance of partnerships in driving meaningful environmental change, focusing not only on water conservation but also on soil preservation and the adoption of efficient techniques like rainwater harvesting.

Sumant Kathpalia, Managing Director & CEO of IndusInd Bank, reiterated the bank's commitment to fostering positive change through CSR initiatives. He expressed confidence in the partnership with Ambuja Foundation to improve the socio-economic landscape by championing efficient water usage, elevating farming practices, and enhancing livelihoods.

The inaugural ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including CSR Manager Akhlaque Khan from IndusInd Bank, General Manager Akash Surase from Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd, Sarpanch Seema Bendugade from Pachad, Sarpanch Jayesh Lamje from Punade Nate, and Agriculture Officer Bharat Kadam from the Government of Maharashtra. Also present were Shailesh Lambe, Regional Head of Maharashtra at Ambuja Foundation, and Rakesh Baraskar, Project Coordinator - Mahad at Ambuja Foundation.

Infrastructure Development and Knowledge Dissemination:

As part of the program, an Innovative Village Resources Centre was inaugurated at Kinjloli BK Partekond. This center will serve as a knowledge hub, disseminating information about water and agriculture best practices among villagers. Construction works related to the IWRMP project will also take place in Raigadwadi (Koliawhad), Punadewadi, Kondaran, and Punade tarfe Nate villages, symbolizing a commitment to infrastructural development in alignment with the broader objectives of the Integrated Water Resource Management Program.

Through the Integrated Water Resource Management Program, the aim is to create sustainable solutions that not only ensure access to clean water but also promote efficient farming practices and enhance livelihoods in the project villages.

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