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Bayer Launches Its First Biofungicide, Serenade

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Bayer Crop Science, world’s leading seed manufacturer and Life Science Company has recently launched its first bio fungicide, Serenade, in the neighboring country China. As per reports, this product could create a protective barrier around the root of plants through the symbiosis in the root periphery. While helping plants absorb more effective nutrients from the soil, it also enables the root system to grow more vigorously and enhances the "immunity" of plants, which reduces the incidence of plant diseases. 

What Serenade contains?

Serenade contains QST713, a biocontrol microorganism, which is a gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria widely distributed in different living environments. It boasts of strong stress resistance, widely existing on the surface of soil and plants. At the same time, it is also a kind of endophyte, being non-toxic and harmless to humans, livestock and the environment. 

What are the advantages of Bayer’s Serenade?

Rapid root colonization

Serenade has an excellent root colonization ability. After colonization, the plant will grow a large number of lateral roots, which are denser and take longer to absorb more phosphorus elements, whilst increasing the quantity of other nutrients and enhancing water absorption, thus ensuring the root system is more stable.  

Different ways to promote growth

Serenade secretes auxins such as butanediol and indoleacetic acid to promote plant growth in the early stages. Its complex iron and enzyme varieties can decompose the organic matter in the soil into the nutrients, which are more easily absorbed by the plant root system, thus benefiting the plant.  

Concurrent control of fungi and bacteria

Serenade is colonized in the root to form a protective film, which can prevent and control a large variety of crop fungal and bacterial diseases. It can also induce plants to produce a systemic defense response to resist diseases and stress. 

How to Use? 

Serenade has a strong property of heat resistance and stress resistance and can be applied to the crop field without temperature and light restraints, thus enabling its wide applicability. It is mix-tank compatible and can be mixed reliably with most of the fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

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