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Coromandel’s Stewardship Approach for Responsible Use of Agrochemicals

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Coromandel arranges various awareness camps for the safe use of agrochemicals
Coromandel arranges various awareness camps for the safe use of agrochemicals

In the case of agrochemical products, stewardship (Safe use, responsible use) includes responsible and ethical management during R&D, manufacturing, logistics (storage, transport, and distribution), marketing, and sales.  The overall aim of the stewardship approach is to maximize the benefits and minimize any risk, from using agrochemicals. While the company producing agrochemicals is in control of everything until the product leaves its premises, the other stakeholders need to be guided properly as agrochemicals require very careful handling at all levels; different aspects need to be taken care of at various stages of the product lifecycle.

The government has also laid down regulations with respect to the registration of new products. These regulations ensure that.

  • The product safety is tested for efficacy against the pest and disease in each crop.

  • The product is profiled for its toxicity and impact on the environment.

  • The product is packed properly to ensure safety during the shelf life.

  • The product label and leaflets contain all critical information about the composition, usage, precautions as well as immediate steps to take in case of exposure to humans.

One of Coromandel's awareness camps
One of Coromandel's awareness camps

Stewardship- Very Core to Coromandel International

Stewardship is one of the core values of Coromandel International and therefore, the company believes that farmers and all stakeholders involved need to be sensitized towards responsible use of agrochemical products.

Coromandel feels that farmers are very important stakeholders in this process. Accordingly, the company has started a campaign on ‘Responsible use of Crop Protection’ products to spread this message to farmers.

On the occasion of Kisan Diwas, when this campaign was launched, NK Rajavelu EVP and SBU Head, Crop Protection Business, said that “Stewardship helps create a special bond with the end-users and farmers. Today is indeed a historic day for all of us in Coromandel as we dedicate the day to spreading the message on Responsible use of Crop protection products.”

Through this campaign, Coromandel aims to spread awareness on various aspects of responsible use, right from purchase of product to usage and various stages of application (pre, during, post) as well as disposal of remaining product and packaging. 

3 Rs’ To Be Kept in Mind While Using Agrochemicals

Crop protection products are similar to medicines used by us when attacked by a disease. We all understand that medicine should be taken as prescribed, in the right dosage and timings. Medicines need to be kept in a safe place and out of reach of children. Medicines have an expiry date after which they are not effective and should be disposed off properly on expiry. The medicine comes with a label and leaflet for referring to all aspects of its use and steps to follow in case of exposure or overuse.

Farmers being educated regarding 3 Rs’ To Be Kept in Mind While Using Agrochemicals
Farmers being educated regarding 3 Rs’ To Be Kept in Mind While Using Agrochemicals

Agrochemicals require a similar mindful approach that includes – Right dosage, Right Timing, Right method of Application, Safe storage, proper information that must be referred to at all times.

Under this campaign, several farmer meetings across the country have been organized to convey this message on the Responsible use of agrochemicals. Lakhs of farmers across hundreds of locations were made aware of the basics to be followed while using agrochemicals. These meetings also included government agriculture department officials, retailers, and dealers. Coromandel also reached out to their network of farmers through digital media to convey the message.

Going forward, Coromandel will carry out this campaign by organizing various activities to spread awareness about the Responsible usage of agrochemicals, hence displaying good product stewardship.

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