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CSC India Partners with KRIBHCO to Provide Access to Fertilizers & Agricultural Inputs to Farmers

CSC e-Governance Services India has partnered up with Krishak Bharati Cooperative (KRIBHCO) to give farmers access to fertilisers and agricultural supplies through a network of four lakh rural entrepreneurs.

Chintu Das
Farmer in his Farm
Farmer in his Farm

CSC e-Governance Services India has partnered up with Krishak Bharati Cooperative (KRIBHCO) to give farmers access to fertilizers and agricultural supplies through a network of four lakh rural entrepreneurs.  

KRIBHCO goods, such as imported urea, DAP, NPK/NPS, bio-fertiliser, city compost, zinc sulphate, certified seeds, hybrid seeds, and potash produced from molasses, will be sold and distributed through Common Services Centres (CSCs), according to a statement. 

KRIBHCO is in the fertiliser, agro inputs, and seed manufacturing, importing, and marketing sector. 

Through its VLEs and farmer producer organisations (FPOs), CSC launched an agri services platform earlier this year to facilitate agri inputs such as seeds, manure, and pesticides, as well as the rental and lease of farm machinery and implements, and the trade of agri output. 

"Our cooperation with KRIBHCO is a step forward in promoting the government's objective in helping the farmers and agricultural community," CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd Managing Director Dinesh Tyagi said in a statement. 

"An essential element of our work at CSCs is last-mile distribution of fertilisers, seeds, and other agro goods," he said, adding that "the collaboration would enable us to reach out to farmers and residents in the villages with timely supply of dependable and quality agri inputs." 

In a statement, Rajan Chowdhry, Managing Director of KRIBHCO, stated that the collaboration will usher in a new age in which farmers can obtain cost-effective agro inputs at the click of a mouse or smartphone, supporting 'Digital India.' 

He stated that FPOs as agribusiness merchants will assist farmers in transitioning from "agricultural producer" to "agriculture entrepreneur." 


KRIBCHO is a national cooperative society that was founded on April 17, 1980, and is now recognised as a fertiliser production and marketing cooperative under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act 2002. The fertiliser factory at Hazira, Gujarat, has two Urea streams with a total capacity of 2.225 million MT and four Ammonia streams with a total capacity of 1.322 million MT. 

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