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Farmers Can Earn Good Profit by Maintaining Progressive Farms: Sazid Raza, VNR Nursery

Jyoti Sharma, Senior Journalist, Krishi Jagran interviewed a representative of VNR Nursery at the Pusa Krishi Mela. VNR Nursery had put a stall at the Mela with their staff from Raipur CG who was more than willing to assist you with any queries.

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VNR Seeds
VNR Nursery

Jyoti Sharma, Senior Journalist, Krishi Jagran interviewed a representative of VNR Nursery at the Pusa Krishi Mela. VNR Nursery had put a stall at the Mela with their staff from Raipur CG who was more than willing to assist you with any queries. Jyoti requested the representative to explain the aims and achievements of their brand. She particularly asked him about the fruit varieties they are working on. The representative Sazid Raza, Senior Technical Sales Executive, VNR Nursery Pvt. Ltd. 

Sazid Raza started with showing us the map of India and the different locations across India where they work. He explained that they serve almost all the states across the country. He showed us the caption on their presentation display which states that 21 states, 291 districts have more than 35 Lakh VNR Bihi better yield plants, developed by VNR Nursery. He showed us different portfolio of farmers growing VNR Bihi in and around the country. Visitors of different arena who visits their nurseries or farms. The progressive farmers who were displayed in the backdrop of the show/ stall were from Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and other states. Their brand is popular across India. They have expanded their business particularly to these states surrounding Delhi.  

He then talked about their counterpart VNR Seeds and their developed seeds varieties of various crops from grains like maize, wheat, bajra and for a number of vegetables like tomatoes, bitter gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, chillies, beans, brinjal, ladyfinger, bottle gourd, courgette, capsicum and others. The plantations of the farmers using their Nursery are a success and they have achieved good productivity. Commercially, they have come up with a new guava fruit variety. The variety of guava that they have worked on has pink and juicy pulp. This variety can be used to make fruit juices. 

When asked how the farmers are reacting to their products, he said farmers are part of their business and they treat them like family. They are providing services to the farmers and often go to visit them. They guide the farmers about how to use their products to get the maximum output. They have state wise farmers Whatsapp group where they provide regular updates, solutions to the issues faced by the growers on real time. The farmers with any queries can request them or other farmers and their queries will be replied to. 

He showed us another presentation with pics of Jamun variety GOMA Priyanka, a variety developed by CHES, Godra, GJ, of which they are popularizing the variety due to its good features. The Nursery for growing these new jamuns are available for farmers to purchase. These jamun have good size and hence more pulp. Introducing these jamuns in their farms will give the farmers more income. They also provide improved Nursery for lemon, jackfruit and sweet lime. VNR Nursery is working on various fruits which will benefit the farming community in various dimensions.  

Our Nursery gives good quality planting material a researched product and a good on-site service to the farming community of the country. Our goal is that a farmer should fetch good price due to qualitative production and it can happen only from a good variety its quality planting material & technical know-how of the crop. 

We are always available at our regional offices to help the farmers with their queries. Farmers are free to visit our offices and we will help them to the best of our abilities.  

When asked how they test their Nursery, he mentioned that they test it in their own farms and see how they grow and what method is best for growing them. They test their Nursery in every way before introducing it in the markets. As for the farmers, they provide guidelines about preparation of land for farming to harvesting the crops, while using their Nursery. VNR Nursery is backed up with a strong website (www.vnrnursery.in) where a grower can visit and get the detailed study on the crop Guava as of now and the same will be updated with various crops likewise. A YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC11oc_qJUc3ecGiwWQjCqBQ) of the company gets a detailed videos on various aspect of farming which can make the verticals of farming easy to understand and follow. If the farmers still have queries, they can contact the brand for their queries. They work together with the associated farmers and are capable of helping them at any stage of crop production. They make huge investments on research and development on their Nursery.  

In the end, he gave a message to the farmers, to stay happy and healthy, maintain progressive farms and earn good profit. He said the farmers should stay in touch with us to get excellent results. We can even guide farmers about farming and he said they will do everything to help them. He wishes the farmers the best with their Nursery and farms and requests them to take advantage of their offerings. 

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